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SAW Security HQ in Map

S.A.W. Security HQ on the map.

S.A.W. Security HQ is a Point of Interest located in the eastern part of the map, between S.A.W. Bamboo Resort and Pixile Port. It is the base of operations for the Super Animal World Security Forces.

It consists of three buildings, an office building to the south, barracks for S.A.W. forces including a jailhouse up north, and an armory in the center shaped like a doghouse.

The entire complex is enclosed in walls. To access the inside of the location, animals must find an opening through them:

  • The western and eastern walls feature destructible wooden barricades, which can be broken easily with any weapon.
  • The southern wall features the main entrance to the H.Q. On the western side of this wall is a closed gate that can be opened in the guardhouse close by inside.
  • The northern wall includes a gate that is open by default. The button for this gate appears to have been removed, perhaps because of Rebellion sabotage.

A button can be found in one of the offices in the office building that will open the door to the Armory. The button on the desk of that room is a fake, which cannot be pressed and does not do anything. The real button that will open the door is on the wall.

The H.Q. is featured in ModeIcon SAW vs Rebellion S.A.W. vs Rebellion as the Security Situation map.

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Trivia[ | ]

  • There is a poker table in the southern building of Security HQ, which is a reference to a series of paintings depicting Dogs Playing Poker.
  • The spotlight with S.A.W logo is a clear reference to the Batman series.
  • A lounge chair can be found next to the spotlight on the roof of the Security HQ.