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S.A.W. Research Labs


S.A.W. Research Labs on the map.

Located within the northern side of the map, the S.A.W. Research Labs is a core location of Super Animal World.

S.A.W. Research Labs has a total of 7 entryways. Inside, the west, north and east buildings that make up for the main sections, marked by the numbers 1, 2 and 3 respectively. There are a total of 7 explosive barrels scattered inside the lab and the nearby surroundings. Building 1 has the layout of a prison: it contains a large amount of smaller cells. Building 2 has the layout of a messy office: the corridors and the fallen apparatus make up for its coexisting wide and narrow environment. Building 3 contains a lot of test subject chambers which form a narrow and complex layout.

In the S.A.W. Research Labs, especially in building 1, the spawning points for resources are extremely dense, which allow players to be able to gather them in a short time. Close ranged weapons have the advantage in the indoor areas, while on the contrary, long ranged weapons have the advantage in the outdoor areas. Along with these main 3 buildings, located within the courtyard between the 3 core buildings are 2 small (and also messy) office buildings; although these offices only often have low quality and sparse loot spawns.

The Labs are featured in ModeIcon SAW vs Rebellion S.A.W. vs Rebellion as the Operation Lab Labs map.

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  • New tanks look and placement pattern in building #3.