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Char-skullcat.png Super Skullcat breaking a pot to uncover Super Tape.

Exclusively found only inside the Super Pyramid and in the ruins outside the pyramid in Super Saharaland, Pots are breakable objects that may contain items such as; Health Juice, Grenades , Skunk Bombs, Super Tape or ammunition pickups. To reveal the items inside, it must be destroyed with a melee attack, giant emu peck, shot at with a weapon or an explosion.

Variations[edit | edit source]

All the different variations of Pots players can encounter in game. Different kinds of Pots do not give players different kind of loot, it's just a different aesthetic depending on the location.

Exclusively found in the Super Pyramid;

Found throughout both inside the Super Pyramid and outside the pyramid amongst the ruins in Super Saharaland;

Sounds[edit | edit source]

Sound of a pot being destroyed.