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Pixile Studios Logo.png

Pixile Studios is an independent game development studio behind Super Animal Royale and an iPad game Stratosphere. Pixile Studios was founded in 2011 by Michael Silverwood and Chris Clogg to create multiplayer games that expand the boundaries of their genres in fun and unique ways. The Pixile Studios team is spread out between the countries of the United States of America, Canada, Italy, and Argentina.

Current Employees[edit | edit source]

Michael[edit | edit source]

Michael "Michael" Silverwood is a founder of Pixile Studios, and a lead developer of Super Animal Royale.

Bob[edit | edit source]

Robert "Bob" Silverwood is a lead developer of Super Animal Royale.

Clogg[edit | edit source]

Chris "Clogg" Clogg is a founder of Pixile Studios, and a lead developer of Super Animal Royale.

Fainder[edit | edit source]

Fainder is an official Super Animal Royale artist responsible for all the assets in Super Animal Royale.

Feyla[edit | edit source]

Fede Puopolo[edit | edit source]

Jake Butineau[edit | edit source]

Jake Butineau is the composer of Super Animal Royale soundtrack.

ST34M[edit | edit source]

Logan "ST34M" Johnston is the community manager of Pixile Studios & Super Animal Royale

Ongg[edit | edit source]

Lyze[edit | edit source]