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Welcome to Pixile Port

Welcome to Pixile Port!

Pixile Port on map

Pixile Port on the map.

Located at the easternmost point on the map, Pixile Port is a core location in Super Animal World and one of the largest locations on the island. East of S.A.W. Security HQ, and north east of Goldwood Woods. This location features many points of interest, such as a lighthouse located to the south east of the port with a boardwalk off of the shoreline leading to the lighthouse, many abandoned office buildings and a large abandoned warehouse on the south side of the port, near the center of the port, being one of the main attractions of the port. Considered to be a hot spot for players to initially drop to, this area can provide players a lot of good loot early game, but it is one of the most open areas in the game. The main entrance to the port is located on the south side via a road.

Pixile Port is a very open location in most of the areas, especially the south side, with mostly breakable Crate-wooden Crates, Barrel-explosive Explosive Barrels and some Barrel-waste Waste Barrels to act as cover. On the north, south, and around the center of Pixile Port are opened storage containers players can go into to look for some loot. Players can also use the piles of sandbags and debris around the port as potential, but limited cover against enemy fire. On the west and east sides offer the most cover with abandoned office buildings players can go in and out of for cover and loot. Several Crate Rebel Caches frequently spawn on these sides as well.

The main attraction of Pixile Port is the large abandoned warehouse near the center of this location. It's the largest building in this location with plenty of crates, and usually a Crate Rebel Cache for players to loot in. It is also the main area players tend to gravitate towards and fight in. The east and west sides of this building have narrow storage racks that could cause players trouble should they be up against an opponent with a close ranged weapon. The forklifts can provide cover as this area is mostly very open, making mid range combat the most viable option for players to use. There are 4 points of entry and exit in and out of this key location.

On the northern side, there are two spots where the main wall surrounding the port has been destroyed, allowing players to leave and go towards the northern shore with an ample supply of Coconut Coconuts. On the west side are 4 points of entry which offer players additional ways to leave or enter the port.

A lighthouse south east of the port was included with the release of Pixile Port that overlooks the eastern shore. It consists of a very small room with some loot. It's very easy for players to get trapped here as there is only one point of entry/exit and only one way to get to the lighthouse via the boardwalk, so caution is advised.

Patch History[ | ]


  • The layout of the shipping containers in Pixile Port was changed to resemble the removed S.A.W. Shipyards


  • Pixile Port was added in place of the S.A.W. Shipyards.

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