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Gun-pistol grey.png
Damage 34363840
Bullet Range 110120120120 SAU
Damage Dropoff (higher is slower) 110120130140
Bullet Speed 135145155165 SAU/s
Armor Pierce 1
Hamster Ball Pierce 1/3
Spawn Ratio 14.63%
Automatic No
Shot Interval 0.14s
Rate of Fire 429 RPM
Bullet Type Ammo little bullets.png Little Bullets
Magazine Capacity 10
Reload Time 1s
Noisiness 185 SAU
Move Speed 111%
Move Speed (shooting) 95%
Basic recoil while stationary / creeping / running 0° / 0.5° / 1°
Recoil added per shot while stationary or creeping / running 1.6° / 1.9°
Min recoil while jump roll / crouch roll 1.5° / 1°
Max recoil
Recoil reset per second while stationary / creeping / running 20° / 20° / 16°

The pistol is the smallest weapon in the game, and specializes mostly in close to mid range combat. Since it has high movement speed, the pistol's damage output and per-shot accuracy make it a very reliable weapon when it comes to close range, it is often compared to the Silenced Pistol which in most cases performs generally better.

Weapon statistics[]

The maximum rarity of the pistol is Epic. The pistol spawns with two boxes of 8 Ammo little bullets.png Little Bullets each. Every shot consumes one bullet. There are 2 gun sound variants in total.


The Pistol is classified as an early game weapon, it however can prove useful in the hands of the right players in the late game

The damage falloff and accuracy makes it better suited for short range combat, it is imperative that the player is to properly time their shots to achieve the maximum DPS output. However, since it also has a low magazine capacity and a shorter range, it's not as effective against automatic weapons in long to mid-long range combat.

It's suitable as an emergency weapon in the early game. It can also carry it's niche into the late game as an accurate, high damage, close range option under the right circumstances.

Damage based on distance[]

Damage output depends on the distance traveled by a bullet before it hits the target. A bullet fired from the Pistol can travel up to 110120120120 SAU, or 880px960px960px960px.

point blank
40 DMG
20 SAU
34.62 DMG
40 SAU
29.23 DMG
60 SAU
23.85 DMG
80 SAU
18.46 DMG
100 SAU
13.08 DMG
38 DMG
32.4 DMG
26.8 DMG
21.2 DMG
15.6 DMG
10 DMG
36 DMG
30.17 DMG
24.33 DMG
18.5 DMG
12.67 DMG
34 DMG
27.91 DMG
21.83 DMG
15.74 DMG
9.65 DMG


Weapon appearance can be customized with one of the following weapon skins:

Gun-pistol grey.png

Default Pistol
Available to all players

Gun-pistol orange.png

Orange Pistol
2 Pistol kills

Gun-pistol green.png

Green Pistol
5 Pistol kills

Gun pistol toy-resources.assets-607.png

Toy Pistol
S.A.W Shop item
Currency S.A.W. Ticket.png 200

Gun-pistol blue.png

Blue Pistol
10 Pistol kills

Gun-pistol red.png

Red Pistol
20 Pistol kills

Gun-pistol purple.png

Purple Pistol
35 Pistol kills

Gun pistol chocolate.png

Chocolate Pistol
Super Animal Pass Season 1

Gun-pistol yellow.png

Yellow Pistol
50 Pistol kills

Gun-pistol pink.png

Pink Pistol
70 Pistol kills

White Pistol.png

White Pistol
100 Pistol kills


The pistol is based of the HK45, a pistol created by H&K in .45 caliber with a 10 round magazines and is sometimes confused for the HK P30 which was used in John Wick . It is primarily used a concealed carry weapon in today's world.

Patch History[]


  • New bullet spread system added


  • Pistol attack speed increased to .14s from .16s between shots


  • Weapon recoil changes, recoil while moving now applies on a per-weapon basis
    • Smaller weapons such as pistols and SMG have less, and larger weapons like the AK, M16, and Sniper have more recoil while moving


  • Pistol base-damage increased from 33 to 34
  • Move-speed bonus increased from 9% to 11%
  • Bullets will now visually end at their maximum range


  • Epic rarity added
  • All weapon bullet speeds increased by about 6-8%