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Players fighting in Pete's Swamp

Pete's Swamp is one of the locations available to land/visit in Super Animal Royale, located on the southern end of the island, east of Giant Eagle Landing and west of Super animal farm. It features lots of interconnected boardwalks that span over the marshes. This location is not considered a hot drop as players tend to drop more to Super animal farm or other nearby locations. There are many Crates placed strategically throughout the swamp for players to acquire Pickups. Be careful not to hit any of the Explosive barrels near some of the crates! Floor loot is very common throughout the swamp's traversable walkways, tents spread out throughout the swamp, and in the small huts connected to the boardwalks and scattered around the swamp's banks. At the southern most point of the swamp, players can go to the short line of the island to eat Coconuts to recover health. At the northern most point is a Campfire by some tents just south of S.A.W. Villas players can use to also regain health. There are some small caves around the swamps players can enter to look for loot, as well as a graveyard with some loot around the gravestones. Further west lies more abandoned buildings and some tents for players to scavenge for loot. Bramble roots, large rocks, huts, and Waste barrels are all good options for players to use as cover in the large open areas. Overall, Pete's Swamp is a decent choice for players to look for loot, but being a very open area with limited cover, makes it imperative for players to grab loot and keep moving to avoid getting caught in an enemies crossfire.

The in-game map refers to the swamp as "Pete's Swamp," likely in reference to Pete, who is confirmed by the developers to be a Super Sloth played by SAR Developer Clogg. Pete's significance to the lore of the game is currently unknown, though Pete's Song from the OST is also likely in reference to him.

Pete's Swamp on map.jpg
Pete's Swamp on the map
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