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Party is a group of players in the main menu that matchmake together in order to be placed in a single squad in game modes such as Duos, Squads, ModeIcon SAW vs Rebellion S.A.W. vs Rebellion, ModeIcon Bwoking Dead The Bwoking Dead or ModeIcon Mystery Mystery Mode.

To create a Party, the player must press on a "+" icon in the main menu that has a tooltip of "Add a friend".

To begin matchmaking, everyone in the party must ready-up by pressing the "Ready" button.

Matchmaking Settings[ | ]

The party host can select the game mode that will be played, the server region, and whether the squad can be filled by players outside the Party.

Cross-platform Parties[ | ]

Cross play option

Crossplay option in the matchmaking settings on Xbox One, Xbox Series X&S, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 & 5.

Cross Play Parties SAR

Creating a cross-platform party provides a code that allows other players to join, regardless of their platform.

On the PC (Steam) version, crossplay is enabled by default, and cannot be toggled off. Xbox One, Xbox Series X&S, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 & 5 players must toggle it on in order to be able to connect to the same matches as PC (Steam) players, as well as players on any other platforms.

Creation of a crossplay party

  1. Click add a friend
  2. Go to cross platform party
  3. Click create button, or join with code

Steam Parties[ | ]

In order to form a team through Steam, the player must send a Steam invite through the game or their Steam Friends List. Invites can only be sent to Steam friends.

Discord Parties[ | ]

Discord Parties are no longer available due to Discord shutting down its game invite / lobbies feature at the beginning of May 2023.

Notes[ | ]

  • Matchmaking is not available if there are more players in the lobby than the selected game mode allows.
  • Whenever a player joins or leaves the lobby, the ready-up is reset, and everyone needs to ready-up again.
  • ModeIcon Bwoking Dead Parties have no effect on whether a party member will begin playing as a survivor or a Zombie Joe.

Patch Notes[ | ]


  • Discord parties have been removed.


  • Crossplay parties added for Google Stadia.


  • Crossplay Parties added into the game. For all platforms, but Google Stadia.


  • Crossplay feature introduced to the game.