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Album cover for volume 1 of the official soundtrack.

The Official Soundtrack is a DLC pack that players can buy for $4.99 USD (regionally priced) that offers two volumes of music created by Jake Butineau. The soundtrack is available for purchase at the Steam store page.

Volume 1[]

Volume 1 of the Official Soundtrack was released on December 12, 2018 along with the Early Access release of Super Animal Royale on Steam.


  1. Super Animal Theme
  2. De Fault
  3. Welcome to Super Animal World!
  4. Where We Dropping?
  5. Pete's Song
  6. Default Dance (Extended)
  7. Floss Dance (Extended)
  8. Juggling Dance (Extended)
  9. Russian Dance (Extended)
  10. Super Animal Theme (Piano)

Volume 2[]

Volume 2 of the Official Soundtrack was released on September 26, 2019 at no additional cost for players who had already purchased the soundtrack.

Album cover for volume 2 of the official soundtrack.


  1. Blue Jay Z
  2. Kelly Larkson
  3. Lady Caw Caw
  4. Super Animal Royale Tonight!
  5. Super Animal Farm
  6. Super Summer Royale
  7. Praise Banan!
  8. Tap Dance (Extended)
  9. Peanut Butter Jelly Dance (Extended)
  10. Laugh Dance (Extended)
  11. Super Animal Theme (Demo Versions)
  12. PandUp Comedy