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This page details the dialogue for each NPC in game.

Cheese Goudara (Prison Rat)[ | ]

Dialogue for CharacterIcon RatPrisoner Cheese Goudara

Condition Location Dialogue
Random Superite Mountain I'm not a rat!

Dr. Jennifer Dogna[ | ]

Dialogue for CharacterIcon Dr Jennifer Dogna Dr. Jennifer Dogna

Condition Location Dialogue
Pre-game Lobby
First interaction S.A.W. Welcome Center

Hey there, pup.
Always nice to meet a fan!
You don’t recognize me?
I’m only Doctor Jennifer Dogna...
...the most renowned Lab Lab...
...of renowned S.A.W. Labs!
Lab Labs operate all the Lab Labs in the park.
I even have my own secret Lab...
I’m kind of a big deal.
Let me ask you something, pup: can I trust you?
I mean, you SMELL like a trustworthy pup.
Which is more than I can say about...
...some of the other pups around here.
I feel like I could tell you all my secrets.
Sorry, pup, you’re going to have to prove it.
Meet me at my secret Lab Lab...
...and we’ll go from there.

Before meeting Dogna in her Lab S.A.W. Welcome Center

What’s that, pup?
How do you get to the secret Lab Lab?
Well, I can’t tell you that, pup!
Finding my Lab Lab is like...
...the whole test!
But, with a SMALL CLUE, I’ll bet...
...a smart pup like you will figure it out.
Come find me in...
If you manage to find me, I’ll know...’re the kind of pup I can trust with secrets.
Even the secret of --
I’ve said too much!
Come find me!
Oh and try not to get... know...
...killed on the way.

Subsequent interaction after meeting Dogna in her Lab (1) S.A.W. Welcome Center

Hey there, pup!
How’s life as an honorary Lab Lab?
Nice to be the top dog, eh?
I’ll bet the other pups are so jealous they can’t even...
...roll over!
Ruff for them, eh pup?
Now that you’re one of us, I can finally tell you...
...all about...
Many pups have wondered: What is a Skullcat?
I study them in my Lab Lab, you know.
So, I’m something of an expert.
I know everything about them.
It’s an ongoing project.
But I know a lot.
For instance, did you know the first Super Skullcat...
...the first successful Super Animal, anyway.
I mean, it looked rather...
That’s why the bosses hid it out in the desert.

Subsequent interaction after meeting Dogna in her Lab (2) S.A.W. Welcome Center

Why hide Super Skullcat in the desert?
Well, because it looked so...
...they didn’t quite know...
...what to do with it.
So they gave it a job as a kind of...
...horror show?
I guess.
I mean, that’s the idea, I think.
But I don’t think it’s very scary.
You should go see for yourself.

Subsequent interaction after meeting Dogna in her Lab (3) S.A.W. Welcome Center

Oh yeah, the first Super Skullcat... definitely still alive.
That’s why I’m out in the desert...
...continuing my research.
It’s kind of amazing that the...
...VERY FIRST SUPER ANIMAL... still alive and kicking...
...while OVER A HUNDRED MILLION Super Animals...
...have died in Super Animal Royale.
Some of them only lived a few minutes before --
Well, best not to think about it.
Life’s ruff sometimes.

Subsequent interaction after meeting Dogna in her Lab (4) S.A.W. Welcome Center

Yup, the first Super Skullcat is still out there.
Poor thing is still trying to do its old job.
I don’t have the heart to tell it that...
...the park closed...
...after “THE INCIDENT.”
It had finally found its calling...
...scaring the guests.
Or, at least it thought so.
Reviews were mixed, to be honest.
If you do go see it...
...just pretend to be scared.
Make it think it’s doing a good job.
It's had a ruff life, you know?

Subsequent interaction after meeting Dogna in her Lab (5, labelled as "7" in the data) S.A.W. Welcome Center

Though initially considered a mistake...
…Super Skullcats ended up being quite popular...
...despite their uncanny appearance.
Or maybe...
...BECAUSE of it.
People are strange.
Anyway, you’ve probably seen Super Skullcats around.
But there’s only one FIRST Super Skullcat.
If you’re interested in meeting it...
Finding your way inside, though...
...well, that’s on you, pup.
But I know you can do it.
Cause, you’re such a goooood puppy.
Yes you are...
...yes you are a good puppy!

Subsequent interaction after meeting Dogna in her Lab (6, labelled as "8" in the data) S.A.W. Welcome Center

The Super Skullcat taught the scientists... Super Animal World Labs...
...that they didn’t have to limit themselves... real animals.
...they could make stuff up.
Crazy stuff.
Rainbow colored coats...
...genetically fried chickens...
...and other cryptozoological --
Oh no, I’ve said too much!
The Labs are still operating, you know.
Though the human scientists are gone...
...but us Lab Labs are still cooking up... ideas in our Lab Labs!
That’s right!
Even us old dogs are learning new tricks.
And we have to keep some of them secret.
For now, pup.
For now.

Inside Dogna's Lab Lab
First interaction Super Pyramid

Hot dog, pup, you actually made it!
Goooood puppy!
You’re so clever...
...I hereby declare you an honorary Lab Lab.
Which means, you get an honorary Lab Lab coat!

Subsequent interaction Super Pyramid Hot dog, pup, you’re back!

Reporting for duty?
Oh. Sorry, pup.
You’re only an HONORARY Lab Lab.
S.A.W. Labs has had a hiring freeze...
...ever since “THE INCIDENT.”
Life’s ruff, sometimes.

Subsequent interaction Super Pyramid

Now I can tell you all about...
...Super Skullcats!
But, not literally now.
Right now, you should probably go
Before you get... know...

Subsequent interaction Super Pyramid

No time for chit chat, these days.
The world being the way it is.
Dog eat dog.
Cat eat cat.
Dog eat cat.
Cat eat dog, even.
I suppose.
Of course, Skullcats have to eat too.
But that’s a rather sad story.

The First Skullcat[ | ]

Dialogue for CharacterIcon FirstSkullcat The First Skullcat

Condition Location Dialogue
First interaction Super Saharaland

Boo, I said!
Tremble and flee --
Please, don’t hurt me...
...I’m just trying to do my job.
Here, take this prop!
I keep poking myself with it anyway.
Now if you don’t mind...
...union rules, and all.

Subsequent interaction Super Saharaland

Boo, I said!
Tremble and flee --
You again?!
Hey, come on, already gave you my --
You just came to thank me for the staff?
That’s nice.
You’re welcome.
Hey, can you be honest with me?
Did I...
..did I SCARE you?
At least a little?
Actually, don’t tell me.
I’m not good with disappointment.

Subsequent interaction Super Saharaland

Gee whiz.
What happened to this park?
The guests used to be so nice.
Now they’re all ARMED!
Which makes it kind of scary to... know...
...SCARE them.
I mean...
...I’m just trying to do my job here!
I’m no different than anyone else!
I mean...
...obviously I AM different.
...I’m the same on the inside.
Everybody asks “WHAT is Skullcat?”
But, nobody ever asks...
...“HOW is Skullcat?”

Governor Moosevelt[ | ]

See Super Tutorial.

Quack Shot[ | ]

See Super Tutorial.