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This page documents Super Animal Royale console version releases for the Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 and Playstation 5. The version releases are produced by Pixile Studios and Modus Games. Only the latest version is distributed via Nintendo Game Store and Playstation Store.

On the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Online is required to play. As of v1.2, Playstation 4 and 5 players do not need PS Plus to play, but those who do will be eligible for the Playstation Plus Perks Pack.

Version history[ | ]

Version Release date Name Major Highlights
v1.9.2 12 December 2023[1] Dragon's Loot Update Super Dragon Super Dragons, Super CRISPRmas 2023 event
v1.9.1 26 September 2023[2] Party Animal Update CR1: Super Howloween 2023 event
v1.9 11 July 2023[3] Sea Legs Update Super Sea Land location, Grey Laser Gun Superite Laser weapon, ZiplineUI Zip-and-Go throwable, Super Fish Fishes & Super Dolphin Dolphins, Summer Royale 2023 event

CR1: Super Orca Orca breed
CR2: Super Shark Sharks

v1.8 28 March 2023[4] Super Healthy Update Photo Booth, Health Juice Factory location, Attach-super-juicer Super Juicer powerup, Super Lemur Lemurs, ReSpawning Day 2023 event
v1.7.1 10 January 2023[5] Year of the Super Bunny 2023 event, revert of netcode introduced in 1.7
v1.7 13 December 2022[6] Super Crocodile Crocodiles, Cat Mine Lucky Cat Mines, Super CRISPRmas 2022, new netcode, Pete's Swamp expansion, Super Milestones and Super Challenges updates
v1.6 27 September 2022[7] Murre Woods location, Dogna's Grey Dart Fly Dogna's Dartfly Gun weapon, Clothes bowtie green-resources.assets-691 Neckwear category, Super Peacock Peacocks
v1.5 28 June 2022[8] Giant Star-nosed Mole boss, Super Lizard Lizards

CR1: Summer Royale 2022 event
CR2: Char-Seagull Seagulls

v1.4.1 24 May 2022[9]
v1.4 5 April 2022[10] ModeIcon SAW vs Rebellion S.A.W. vs Rebellion overhaul, S.A.W. Security HQ location, Super Easter 2022 event
v1.3 25 January 2022[11] Gun egglauncher grey Big Clucking Gun weapon
v1.2 14 December 2021[12] Cross-play Parties, Beaver Construction HQ location, Super CRISPRmas 2021 event
v1.1 19 October 2021[13] ModeIcon Bwoking Dead The Bwoking Dead mode, Pixile Port location
v1.0 26 August 2021[14] v1.0 Has Arrived! Super Animal Pass Season 1, Char-Frog Frogs, Pet-wolf Mini Animal Pets

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