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Bamboo Resort Night Mode

S.A.W. Bamboo Resort in Night Mode.

Night Mode is as its name suggests, Super Animal World at night with noticeable environmental/lighting changes throughout the island. At night, visibility is more limited for players, which offers a bit more challenge and diverse gameplay. There is a 9% chance that the match will feature Night Mode. Some map features such as the lanterns at S.A.W. Bamboo Resort shown, will activate, as well as several other features around the map.

Effects on gameplay (and how to adapt to them)[ | ]

  • Your visibility will be decreased, as Night Mode makes the map darker. Try to use the various static sources of light around the map to your advantage.
  • Lots of players that take part in a Night Mode battle normally play conservatively, so those that play aggressive will most likely be the ones to reach the endgame.
  • Banana splat Banana Peels will be less visible, so use the fog of war shadows to mark out where the bananas are.
  • Sound is your best friend during a Night Mode game. That being said, the item of choice will be Attach-ninjashoes Ninja Booties, so some players will have an advantage. Prioritize being quiet and don't rely on Super Jump Rolls.

Other notes[ | ]

  • During The Bwoking Dead, it is much more common to have a Night Mode match.
  • During any Halloween season, it is also more common to have a Night Mode match.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Night Mode was previously a totally dark mode. Players could only see in the direction they were looking in, and light sources provided no light. This was eventually reworked into the current version of Night Mode due to multiple issues that arose with that implementation.

Patch Notes[ | ]


  • Night Mode has been updated to be more atmospheric with new color temperature and lightning.
  • Conal vision has been removed in favor of a localized light source.
  • Added outdoor ambience sound for Night Mode.
  • Added more night lighting to certain environment pieces (ex. rebel caches and exit signs).


  • Added more lighting to the environment during night mode (Superite crystals, stage poster walls, and others).


  • Night Mode chance has increased from 5% to 9%. It now includes more environmental lighting.


  • Night Mode has been added with a 25% chance to occur during the Howloween Event with a 50% chance on October 31. Normal Night Mode chance will be 5% after the event.