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Mystery Mode promotional artwork

Promotional artwork for Mystery Mode

Mystery Mode is a limited-time, squads gamemode. Every round, there will be a unique twist on the battle royale formula. This can range from Super Fast Bullets, which makes all bullets shoot twice as fast, or One Hit Kill, which makes all weapons kill in a single shot! There are a total of 7 different modes.

Modes[ | ]

Bananarama[ | ]

Praise banan! All gun bullets are BananaUI Bananas (does not affect other properties of bullets), Banans spawn more frequently, grenades, skunk bombs and cat mines Do not drop in this mode. And every time it rains it'll be Banan rain.

Wild West[ | ]

Cowboy hats for all and weapons are limited to Gun-magnum grey Magnums, Gun rifle grey-resources.assets-1277 Hunting Rifles and BananaUI Bananas. Specific to this mode,Gun-magnum grey Magnums and Gun rifle grey-resources.assets-1277 Hunting Rifles are available in every different rarity tier including Epic and Legendary!

Shotguns & Snipers[ | ]

Only Gun-shotgun grey Shotguns and Gun-sniper grey Snipers will spawn, but they can be found in every rarity tier in this mode, so you can find an Epic Gun-shotgun grey Shotgun in a Crate Rebel Cache or a Common Gun-sniper grey Sniper on the ground.

Super Slow Bullets[ | ]

All weapons projectiles travel at 50% speed, allowing you to Super Jump Roll on to avoid them.

Super Fast Bullets[ | ]

All weapon projectiles travel twice as fast, at 200% speed!

Handguns Only[ | ]

As the name suggests, only handguns will spawn. These include Gun-pistol grey Pistols, Dual Pistols Dual Pistols, Gun-silenced-pistol grey Silenced Pistols, Gun-magnum grey Magnums and Gun deagle grey Deagles.

One Hit Kill[ | ]

Every weapon kills in a single shot (or hit or peck). Icon Armor  Armor, grenades and skunk bombs are disabled. The skunk gas speed and warning times are 20% faster.