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Welcome to mini ranch entrance

Welcome to Mini Ranch!

Mini Ranch on map

Mini Ranch on the map

Mini Ranch is a sub location of the Super Animal Farm and is located to the east of the farm. It has a pet store where Mini Animals can be bought. To the east of the store, breakable fences and animal pens for the mini animals can be seen. In every game there will be two random Mini Animals that spawn, which players can interact with by pressing the "Use" key on their corresponding platform (note: there is no feature for players to pet their own mini animal pet as of yet). The random mini animals that spawn in the stable/pens area can be any of the currently available Mini Animal pets, and they can also be two of the same pet that spawn.

Being a sub location like Giant Emu Ranch, this isn't considered a hot drop location as more desirable locations to land such as Super Animal Farm and S.A.W. Bamboo Resort are located west and north of this location, respectfully, and provide players more opportunities for better loot. There are some shacks located around this location that can contain some good loot. A Campfire Campfire located on the north side (near the main road and by a patch of Tallgrass-wheat Tall Grass near a Farm scarecrow Scarecrow) can restore a Super Animal's low health before moving on. There are a fair amount of breakable Crate-wooden Crates here as well, which players can destroy to find supplies before moving on. Large rolled up hale bays around this area can make for good cover against enemy fire.

The main point of interest of this location is the Mini Mart, which is an abandoned store that Mini Ranch is centered around. It has 4 entrances/exits in and out of this small building with some loot, and occasionally a Crate Rebel Cache for some decent tier loot. An advertisement for mini animal pets can be seen playing here on loop on multiple small monitors. On the eastern side is the holding area with a skullcat mini animal locked in a cage. There is no way to free this pet and it is not yet an available mini animal for players to acquire.

Super possum pets mini pet

Char-opossum Super Possum pets a Pet-wolf Mini Wolf!

Sounds[ | ]

Advertisement for Mini Animal Pets that plays in the Mini Mart at Mini Ranch!

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