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Lucky Cat Mine
Cat Mine
Maximum Damage 120
Damage Radius 24 SAU
Armor Pierce 3
Hamster Ball Pierce 3/3
Spawn ratio ??
Maximum Carried 4 (5 with Attach-bandolier Super Bandolier)
Noisiness ?? SAU
Move Speed ?%
Move Speed (throwing) ?%

Lucky Cat Mines are throwables in the form of a proximity mine. When an animal enters the radius of the Lucky Cat Mine, it will trigger an explosion that can deal damage to multiple opponents and destroy destructibles within its blast radius.

Details[ | ]

Armed Lucky Cat Mines

4 armed Lucky Cat Mines in various degrees of visibility

Lucky Cat Mines can be thrown over some obstacles that block line-of-sight. When the thrown Lucky Cat mine lands on the ground, it will remain planted in its position and will arm itself after a second of planting. Once it is armed, it will emit a faint radar sound, emit a glow from its eye, and will constantly check for anyone within a certain radius from the mine. This faint radar sound can be heard from some distance, and the glow will remain faintly visible even if the mine is placed behind objects, or when the mine is in the Fog of War outside the player's line of sight.

When the mine detects an animal entering its radius, it will emit a high-pitched "meow" sound and display a radius ring, before exploding a second after and dealing damage to any hostile Super Animals, the thrower, Emu idle 000 Giant Emu, Icon Hamster Ball Hamster Ball, destructibles and Banana splat Banana Peels within the blast radius and ignores Icon Armor  Armor. The mine will also be triggered by a Gun egglauncher grey Big Clucking Gun shot or Grenade-new Grenade explosion.

Compared to the Grenade-new Grenade, the Lucky Cat Mine only has a base damage of 120 points and an explosion radius of 24 SAU. However, the Lucky Cat Mine makes up for it by having the damage drop-off only restricted down to 20 points. This means anyone caught in the explosion of the mine is guaranteed to take at least 20 points of damage and one tick of armor damage. It is possible to kill a player from a full health with a single Lucky Cat Mine, although it will require players to stand precisely in the center of the mine, which is rarely an occurence in practice.

Only one instance of the Lucky Cat Mine's explosion can deal damage to a Super Animal every 0.06 seconds. If a Super Animal triggers two different mine explosions at the exact same time, only one of the explosions will deal damage to them, while the other will be ignored.

The Lucky Cat Mine will emit a different colored glow from its eye based on the hostility of the explosion. A red eye means it was thrown by hostiles (or the player themselves) and the player can be harmed by its explosion, while a green eye means it was thrown by the player's teammate and won't be able to harm the player. Along with that, the ring that shows upon trigger will also be of different color, with red for hostile mines, and white for friendly mines. Regardless of who threw the mine, however, it will still be triggered by anyone walking within its radius.

The limit amount of Lucky Cat Mines that can be armed on the ground simultaneously by each animals is equal to the player's max carry of 4, and can be increased to 5 when equipped with Attach-bandolier Super Bandolier. Attempting to arm any more mines the limit amount will result in the oldest planted mine to be automatically detonated.

Obtaining[ | ]

  • Floor loot includes Lucky Cat Mines (up to one).
  • Crate-wooden Crate may contain 1 Lucky Cat Mine.

Players can hold at most 4 Lucky Cat Mines, or 5 with the Attach-bandolier Super Bandolier, and cannot carry them alongside a different type of throwables.

Super Milestones[ | ]

Main article: Super Milestones

One neckwear customization item can be unlocked by reaching a milestone of Lucky Cat Mine kills.

Lucky Collar

Lucky Collar
10 Lucky Cat Mine Kills
Yellow LockIcon

Trivia[ | ]

  • The Lucky Cat Mine was first hinted at in SART S01E05 Barn to be Wild, where CatFive Catfive throws one on the Super Animal Royale Tonight presenter's table.
  • There is no limit to how close the thrower needs to be for the Lucky Cat Mine to remain working, meaning the mine can still work as intended even if the thrower is across the island.
  • Curiously, armed Lucky Cat Mines cannot be triggered by Super Animals that are in their downed state.
    • In ModeIcon SAW vs Rebellion S.A.W. vs Rebellion Lucky Cat Mines thrown near the team's spawn will not explode and will disappear shortly after arming. The same behavior also applies to Banana splat Banana Peel.
  • If two Lucky Cat Mines explodes within 0.06 seconds, the damage priority is given to earliest detonated mine. If both of them are detonated within the exact same tick, the earliest planted mine will take the damage priority instead.
  • The Kanji written on the Cat Mine, , is Japanese for "banana", a reference to the Banan meme.
  • Lucky Cat Mines are a reference to Maneki-neko – a figurine which is believed to bring good luck to the owner. The cat mines being based off these figurines is ironic, as in-game, the cat mines explode when someone approaches them, which is a consequence that definitely isn't good luck.

Patch History[ | ]


  • The limits of simultaneously armed Lucky Cat Mines by a single animal has been restored.


  • A bug has caused the limit on how many Lucky Cat Mines can be armed at the same time by a single animal to no longer be present.


  • Lucky Cat Mine was added to the game.