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Limited-time exclusive item is a category of items which are temporarily obtainable only by special means but with intention of being publicly obtainable at later date.

Lifecycle[ | ]

After items considered limited-time exclusives are added to the game, they are later obtained by some players usually by the means of a private coupon code shared with them, or occasionally they could be added by the developers themselves. This starts a period of time when those items can be only used by those players. This period of time ends with a moment when those item are added to the regular publicly obtainable item pools such as the Cackling Carl's Cart.

Examples[ | ]

Known examples of such items include Super Animal Mods who get their own items which are exclusive for a limited period of time and later added to Cackling Carl's Cart. Some items may be acquired on special occasions such as community events or for contributions to the community.

Please be aware that asking developers or players for codes or date when limited time-exclusive items are going to be publicly available is highly discouraged. Those items eventually end up in the public pool, and wiki team asks players to be patient as asking will not result in a player obtaining the item earlier.