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Inventory Management allows players to drop items, weapons and armor in game.


  • Tap i or hold Alt (or press XboxOne Right.png / PS4 Right.png on controllers)to begin managing your inventory.
  • Simply drag items off their slot to drop items (or press XboxOne Y.png / PS4 Triangle.png on controllers).
  • Primary weapons can be dragged between their slots to swap order (or press XboxOne X.png / PS4 Square.png on controllers).
  • Hold ⇧ Shift while dropping an item to drop half the quantity of the stack (ex. if you have 50 Little Bullets, holding shift will allow you to drop 25 for a teammate). Press XboxOne A.png / PS4 Cross.png on controllers to drop a half stack.
  • Inventory hotkey as well as the drop half-stack key can be rebound in settings.
  • Armor is now displayed in your inventory as well so it can be dropped too.
  • Tooltips have been added for all inventory items, displaying weapon stats and more.
  • Backpack icon will show itself as open or closed depending on if you are in the inventory menu or not.



  • 0.92.0 Inventory Management was introduced
  • 0.92.1 Many changes and improvements made