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Inventory Management HUD

Inventory HUD during a match.

The Inventory allows players to drop and re-order guns and drop Icon Ammo Ammunition, Icon Armor  Armor, Icon Powerups Super Powerups, Duct-Tape Super Tape, Healthjuice level 3 Health Juice and Icon Throwables Throwables. The dropped items can be picked up by any Super Animal including enemies.

For most items it's possible to drop only a half of the stack, keeping the other half in the inventory.

Behavior[ | ]

  • To open the inventory and interact with it, press I or hold Alt (or press XboxOne Right / PS4 Right on controllers)
  • Drag items off their slot to drop items (or press XboxOne Y / PS4 Triangle on controllers).
  • Primary weapons can be dragged between their slots to swap order (or press XboxOne X / PS4 Square on controllers).
  • Hold ⇧ Shift while dropping an item to drop half the quantity of the stack (ex. if you have 50 Ammo little bullets Little Bullets, holding shift will allow you to drop 25 for a teammate). Press XboxOne A / PS4 Cross on controllers to drop a half stack.
  • The inventory hotkey as well as the drop half-stack key can be rebound in settings.
  • Armor can also be dropped from the inventory UI.
  • When an item is selected, it will display a tooltip showing item stats and more.
  • The backpack icon on the UI will show itself as open or closed depending on if you are in the inventory menu or not.

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Patch Notes[ | ]


  • Many changes and improvements made(which?).


  • Ability to manage inventory was introduced.