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High ping mode

High Ping Mode notification.

High Ping Mode improves the fairness of the game for players with high latency and their opponents.

Details[ | ]

If a player's ping is above 250, then that player's Icon Hamster Ball Hamster Ball hits, Emu idle 000 Giant Emu pecks, Katana Melee Weapon swings[verify] and Icon Guns Gun projectiles will use server-side hit detection. Instead of the game client tracking any damage dealt, and sending it to the server for verification as normal, the game's server tracks it entirely on its own.

High Ping Mode activates if the last 2 pings were above the threshold, rather than on individual spikes. The duration of this is 10 seconds. This mostly affect players whose temporary ping spike would push them into high ping mode once above 250 ping. With the introduction of this, high ping players will need to lead shots with weapons as well as lead Icon Hamster Ball Hamster Ball, and Emu idle 000 Giant Emu kills.

Patch History[ | ]


  • High Ping Mode now activates after 2 high pings instead of 3.

Unknown Version

  • The previous high-ping mechanisms like damage reduction have been removed from the game in favor of a new system with server-side hit detection.


  • Due to High Ping Mode threshold being at 250ms, the old high ping check on bullet hits has been reintroduced. If a player is above 150 ping, the server will check if the person they shot is currently behind a wall, and if so, apply a 50% damage reduction.


  • High Ping Mode now activates if the last 3 pings were above the threshold (rather than on individual spikes). Also adjusted the duration to 10s rather than 15s. These changes mostly affect players whose temporary ping spike would push them into High Ping Mode.


  • High Ping Mode introduced.