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Welcome to the Health Juice Factory!

Factory Map

Health Juice Factory on the map

The Health Juice Factory is located southeast of the S.A.W. Research Labs. It is the sole known manufacturing plant for Healthjuice level 3 Health Juice. Health Fruit Health Fruit plants are grown in a hydroponic greenhouse staffed with Crab-red Crabs, and are delivered via a conveyor belt through the factory, where they eventually make it to the presser to be made into Health Juice (along with any unfortunate souls taken along). Super Animals are able to consume the Health Fruit found on the conveyer belts, which have been placed there by the crabs in the greenhouse on the right-hand side of the building. When in the greenhouse, players are able to see the crabs picking the Health Fruit and walking upwards to place them onto the conveyer belt. The Factory also includes a Health Juice bar staffed by Crab-red Crabs, which is located to the left-hand side of the building.

There are many entrances/exits within the Health Juice Factory, including three at the bottom of the building (bar on the left, underneath the conveyer belts in the middle, and bottom of the greenhouse on the right), two at the top of the building (top-right corner of the fruit press machine, and top-left corner of the greenhouse), and one on the left of the building (above the brick wall with the four framed crab worker photos).

Inspection crabs in the factory and bartender crabs in the bar will dance normally if a Super Animal uses a Dance Emote nearby, but those working in the greenhouse or upper area of the factory will not, and will instead display a chat balloon with a frustration symbol or a "no dancing" sign (the game selects one at random).

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