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Char-redpanda.png Super Red Panda drinking Health Juice.

Health Juice is a consumable beverage that restores health. Players spawn with 25 HP worth of Health Juice, which can be increased by obtaining Health Juice pickups; these can be found by cutting tall grass, destroying crates, or as floor loot in most areas. These pickups are automatically collected when an Animal walks over them, unless they have already reached the maximum of 200 HP worth of Health Juice. Players have a maximum health pool of 100 HP, which means that a player can carry two health bars of Health Juice at one time.

To heal yourself, you must use your Heal command. The default keyboard key you have to press for this is Q. When you give this command, your animal will begin to drink the Health Juice they have collected until they are fully healed or deplete their storage. The healing process will take a few moments and is noisy. While you're drinking, you can move slowly. But you cannot use weapons, revive a teammate, or do anything else, otherwise the healing process will be interrupted. You will retain all the HP you had regained, up to the point at which you began your action.

Name Image Normal contents Death drop contents
Small Can
Healthjuice level 1.png 10 HP 1-10 HP
Medium Bottle
Healthjuice level 2.png 20 HP 11-20 HP
Large Mug
Healthjuice level 3.png 40 HP 21-200 HP

Super Milestones Rewards[edit | edit source]

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Three cosmetics can be unlocked by consuming different quantities of Health Juice.

Clothes tshirt juice-resources.assets-4586.png

Health Juice Tee
1,000 Health Juice Drank

Hat helmet medic-resources.assets-504.png

Medic Helmet
5,000 Health Juice Drank

Hat juice hat-resources.assets-3713.png

Juice Hat
10,000 Health Juice Drank

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Health Juice regenerates an animal's health at a rate of 4.75 HP per 0.5 second, up to a total of 100 HP. Thus, it takes 10.5 seconds to go from 1 HP to 100 HP.
  • It is possible to drink Health Juice while being healed by a Campfire, stacking the healing from both sources and accelerating the process.
  • Killed animals drop a pickup with all of the Health Juice they had collected. These pickups can exceed 40 HP worth of Health Juice, but will still look like a Large Mug.
  • Other players can hear an animal drinking health juice from 85 SAUs away.