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Drinking Health Juice

Char-redpanda Super Red Panda drinking Health Juice.

Health Juice is a consumable beverage that restores health.

Details[ | ]

To heal your Super Animal, you must use the "Heal" action, by default QPC PS4 TrianglePS XboxOne YXbox/Switch Switch XJoy-Con. The process will be indicated by the Super Animal drinking the Health Juice they have collected, until they are fully healed or deplete their storage. The healing process will take a few moments and is noisy.

While drinking Health Juice the Super Animal is only able to move at reduced speed, and cannot use any weapons, perform Super Jump Roll or attempt to revive teammates. Doing so will interrupt the healing process, however all the regained HP will be retained, up to the point at which the Super Animal stopped drinking Health Juice.

Health Juice regenerates an animal's health at a rate of 4.75 HP per 0.5 seconds, up to a total of 100 HP. With Attach-enchancedjuice Cupgrade, the rate is ? HP per ? seconds (25% faster).

ModeIcon SAW vs Rebellion Health Juice pickups disappear after 30 seconds if they are not collected. Bots cannot pick up Health Juice.

Obtaining[ | ]

Super Animals start with 25 HP worth of Health Juice, which can be increased by obtaining Health Juice pickups that are found by cutting Tallgrass-wheat Tall Grass, destroying Crate-wooden Crates, or as floor loot in most areas. These pickups are automatically collected when a Super Animal walks over them, unless they have already reached the maximum of 200 HP worth of Health Juice. Super Animals have a maximum health of 100 HP, meaning a Super Animal can carry two health bars worth of Health Juice on them.

When killed, Super Animals will leave behind a pickup with all of the Health Juice that they had collected.

Health Juice pickups have different appearance based on the maximum capacity they can hold, which is useful for deciding on whether picking up is worth the time/risk. For example, if a Super Animal dies leaving behind a Healthjuice level 3 Large Jug, there is at least 21 HP worth of Health Juice in it. Pinging the pickup will display the exact amount of HP in it.

Name Image Normal contents Death/Manual drop contents
Small Can
Healthjuice level 1 10 HP 1-10 HP
Medium Bottle
Healthjuice level 2 20 HP 11-20 HP
Large Jug
Healthjuice level 3 40 HP 21-200 HP

Super Milestones[ | ]

Main article: Super Milestones

Three customizations can be unlocked by reaching milestones of Health Juice consumed.

Clothes tshirt juice-resources.assets-4586

Health Juice Tee
1,000 Health Juice Drank

Hat helmet medic-resources.assets-504

Medic Helmet
5,000 Health Juice Drank

Hat juice hat-resources.assets-3713

Juice Hat
10,000 Health Juice Drank

Lore[ | ]

Health Juice is made at the Health Juice Factory, where it is pressed from Health Fruit, which is grown in a hydroponic greenhouse attached to the factory.

Occasionally, though, unfortunate souls might accidentally ride into the presser...

What is the secret of Health Juice?[ | ]


"Do you really know what they're putting in your Health Juice?"

During SART S02E03 No Such Thing as a Shore Thing, our perhaps overly-curious newscaster Donk Patrick brought to question whether Health Juice is actually safe for consumption.

Is that tasty, nutritious green slurry actually painfully unethical harm juice?

You will find out why Health Juice means life. You will find out why Health Juice means death.

More information about Health Juice was revealed in the Season 7 Trailer:

Notes[ | ]

  • It takes 10.5 seconds to heal from 1 HP to 100 HP without a Attach-enchancedjuice Cupgrade.
  • It is possible to drink Health Juice while being healed by a Campfire Campfire, stacking the healing from both sources and accelerating the process.
  • Other players can hear a Super Animal drinking Health Juice from 85 SAU's away.

Patch History[ | ]


  • ModeIcon SAW vs Rebellion Health Juice pickups will now disappear after 30 seconds if they are not collected.
  • ModeIcon SAW vs Rebellion Bots can no longer pick up Health Juice.