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Hamster Balls are single-occupant vehicles which allow the player to travel at high speed (almost as fast as perfectly timed Super Rolls) and deal damage to animals and Giant Emus by running them over.


From left to right, stages of Hamster Ball damage

  • Hamster balls can be used to protect against oncoming attacks, being able to take 3 hits from most weapons before breaking.
  • Players are restricted from picking up items, using weapons or using consumables while inside the Hamster Ball.
  • Hamster Balls can be used to run enemies over, instantly killing them at full speed. Armor is unaffected by Hamster Ball damage.
  • A hamster ball can be used as a shield when it is stationary. It can also be used to block incoming enemy fire while outside.
  • There is 0.25 second delay after exiting the hamster ball before the player is able to use weapons.
  • While in a hamster ball, you can still hit another player who is also in a hamster ball. Each hit against another player in a hamster ball is one less hit they're able to take before the hamster ball is destroyed. 3 hits from another person's hamster ball will destroy your hamster ball.
  • While in a hamster ball, if you run over a stationary hamster ball with no one in it, it will not count as damage towards that hamster ball.

Locations of Hamster Balls (each point only has 45% chance of spawning a ball per game).

Super Milestone Rewards[]

Main article: Super Milestones

Two items can be unlocked by getting kills with a hamster ball.


  • A sniper rifle can deal two ticks of damage to a hamster ball in one shot.
  • A single shot from the shotgun and JAG-7 at the close range fully destroys the hamster ball.


  • 0.88.3 Hamster Balls now bounce when impacting walls.
  • 0.90.0 Hamster Balls now take two ticks of damage from a Sniper (previously three). Shotgun blasts no longer damage armour on a player if they were in a Hamster Ball.
  • 0.96.7 Hamster Ball audio range increased from 140 to 160 units.
  • 1.0 Hamster Balls now have a maximum damage of 101, so slight turns/movements will no longer have the issue of sometimes doing 99 damage and narrowly missing a full rollover kill.