Super Animal Royale Wiki

This guide contains tips and requirements for completing the different special victories in Super Animal Royale. While any player may complete these special victories, Super Edition is required to unlock their reward items.

Pacifist Victory[ | ]

Obtaining a Pacifist Victory completes a Super Milestone, unlocking the following item:

To complete a pacifist victory, you must begin and win a game of solos without dealing any hit point damage to any other player, or anything that is alive.

This means you can theoretically destroy armor, but most players will likely not take kindly to you destroying their armor.

Strategies[ | ]

For playing pacifist, your goal is to look as innocent as possible. It's best advised to not pick up guns as most super animals will assume the worst and attempt to kill you.

Emu idle 000 Giant Emus are your best friend, this is because they can allow you to escape danger easier (through the increased movement stat of the Emu speedy Speedy Emu) or tank a few extra hits for you (through the increased HP of the Emu chonk Chonk Emu)

Dancing (and the I surrender! emote) is a commonly used strategy to attempt to show friendliness towards other players.

Icon Hamster Ball Hamster Balls allow you to move quickly. Be sure to not run over other super animals or Emus though.

Attach-poisonvial Skunk Gas Snorkel and BananaUI Bananas are your best friends. Attach-poisonvial Snorkel will allow you to survive the final chug off and BananaUI Bananas will allow you to slip the person attempting to win the chug off.

Melee-only Victory[ | ]

Obtaining a Melee-only Victory completes a Super Milestone, unlocking the following item:

In order to unlock the melee-only victory, you must not deal any damage to any living creature unless it is with your melee weapon.

It is recommended that you do this challenge at the same time as a pacifist only victory. Melee kills is a gruelling task, especially against opponents who wield a shotgun. It is unlikely you will come out on top by playing aggressively without guns.

No Armor Victory[ | ]

Obtaining a No Armor Victory completes a Super Milestone, unlocking the following item: