Super Animal Royale Wiki

This article is about experimental feature in Beta. The features descibed here may change at any time.

Private lobbies are a new, exciting way to play with your friends! Hosting is currently not available to everyone.

How It Works[]

Using the new PRIVATE game mode option on the main menu, users are able to enter a code to join a private match.

Private match lobbies will last up to 1 hour before automatically starting, and no rewards will be given to participating players at the end.

  • For users with hosting access, they are also able to host a match from the private match panel. Each host may only have one match running at any given time.
  • Hosts can use command /matchid to get the code for joining.
  • Hosts can view a list of players in the match by pressing ⇧ Shift + ` hotkey.
  • If a host admin leaves during lobby, the private match will be canceled/closed.
  • If a host admin leaves during the game (and gas is disabled), gas will be force enabled.

How to access private matches?[]

Private matches are currently in beta and are not available to the public. They are reserved for community held events and tournaments. To join community held events, you can join the Super Animal Royale discord server (

Admin Commands[]

Command Usage
/start Starts lobby countdown timer (~18s countdown). Bots are added to fill player slots.
/startp Starts lobby countdown timer. No bots are added.
/flight Can be used to regenerate the Eagle flight path. Must run before the game timer has started.
/gasspeed # Sets speed multiplier of Skunk Gas. Value can be from 0.4 to 3.0
/emus Toggles Giant Emus spawning on/off.
/utils Toggles Super Powerups spawning on/off.
/allitems Toggles all item spawns on/off. Includes mole, grass loot, and crate loot.
/guns Toggles gun world spawns on/off.
/throwables Toggles throwables (Grenade-new.pngBananaUI.pngSkunk bombUI.png) spawns on/off.
/armors Toggles armor spawns on/off.
/moles Toggles Delivery Mole on/off.
/hamballs Toggles Hamster Ball spawning on/off.
/soccer Makes a soccer ball (only 1 at a time).
/highping # Sets high ping mode to whichever threshold they prefer.
/pets Disables Mini Animal Pets in private matches.
/matchid Shows the code that players can enter to join.
  • This command will also copy the match id into your clipboard, so can easily paste it after running the command.
/rainoff Disables rain for entirity of a match. Won't work if it's already raining in-game
/night Toggles the night mode.
/getpid Shows your in-game player id #.
/getplayers Copies a list of all players in the match. After running the command, can be pasted into notepad.
/kick # Kicks player with specified in-game id #. Player cannot rejoin until next match.
/tele # X Y Teleports player with id # to X and Y world position. Maximum values are 4248, 4248.
  • Example:
    /tele 1 450 1200
/getpos # Tells you world position of a player with given number
/ghost Goes into spectate ghost mode. Can be run in lobby, or in-game after death only.
  • Map & Minimap will show all alive players.
  • ⇧ Shift key can be used for faster camera movement.
  • space key can be used for zooming out, Ctrl key can be used for zooming back in.
  • Can follow players by clicking on them in the game world or on the map.
  • Can now make someone else a ghost by specifying a player number (ie /ghost 14)
/gasoff Turns off the skunk gas. Only works in lobby or before gas has begun in-game.
  • Gas will be turned off for a maximum of 1 hour (cumulative- meaning if you turned it off and on repeatedly, it will still max out at 1 hour since eagle start)
/gason Turns on the skunk gas (if it was turned off). If gas is already running, then does nothing. Including a number will set a delay.
  • Example:
    /gason 5 will set a 5 second delay
/gasstart Makes the first skunk gas timer start right away (if in lobby, it just means it'll start right when the eagle starts).

Doesn't do anything if gas is already running.

/gasdmg # Sets gas damage multiplier. Value can be from 1.0 to 10.0.
/bulletspeed # Sets speed multiplier of bullets. Value can be from 0.5 to 2.0.
/onehits Toggles one-hit kill mode. Doesn't apply to grenades or gas.
/god # Set a player to god-mode with ID #. Applies only to player damage.
  • Example:
    /god 3 to set player 3 to god-mode.
/rain Forces a rain weather event, can only be used once per game
/rainoff Disables rain in a particular match. This command doesn't work while it is already actively raining in-game.
/kill # Kills player (or bot) with specified in-game id #.

Only works on players who have finished parachuting.

/banana # Makes an amount of banana items spawn near you (max 10)
/gun# Makes a gun spawn near you, with specified #. Valid # is from 0 to 16 currently. Also includes rarity

Weapon ID List:

Gun 0 - Pistol
Gun 1 - Dual Pistols
Gun 2 - Magnum
Gun 3 - Deagle
Gun 4 - Silenced Pistol
Gun 5 - Shotgun
Gun 6 - JAG-7
Gun 7 - SMG
Gun 8 - Thomas Gun
Gun 9 - AK-47
Gun 10 - M16
Gun 11 - Dogna's Dart Gun
Gun 12 - Hunting Rifle
Gun 13 - Sniper
Gun 14 - Minigun
Gun 15 - Bow and Sparrow
Gun 16 - Sparrow Launcher
Gun 17 - BCG
  • Example:
    /gun0 would make a common pistol. /gun0 1 would make an uncommon pistol
/util# Makes a Super Powerup item spawn near you with specified #. Valid # is from 0 to 6 currently.

Powerups ID List:

Utility 0 - Claw Boots
Utility 1 - Banan Forker
Utility 2 - Ninja Booties
Utility 3 - Skunk Gas Snorkel
Utility 4 - Cupgrade
Utility 5 - SAW Impossible Tape
Utility 6 - Super Bandolier
  • Example:
    /util0 would make Claw Boots.
/infect # Makes given player infected in The Bwoking Dead mode.
/ammo# # Spawns ammo type with a specified value.

Ammo ID List:

Ammo 0 - Small Bullets
Ammo 1 - Shells
Ammo 2 - Big Bullets
Ammo 3 - Sniper Bullets
Ammo 4 - Darts
Ammo 5 - Sparrows
  • Example:
    /ammo2 would make Big Bullets. /ammo2 30 would make 30 Big Bullets.
/armor# Spawns armor. Value can be 1 to 3.
/hamball Makes a Hamster Ball spawn near you.
/juice # Spawns Health Juice.
/tape # Spawns Super Tape.