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In order to play Duos and Squads with friends, the player can invite them to their game via either Steam or Discord. Once the player presses one of the plus sign buttons on the main menu, they will be prompted to choose to form a party via Steam or Discord.

Steam[edit | edit source]

In order to form a team through Steam, the player must send a Steam invite through the game or their Steam Friends List. Invites can only be sent to Steam friends.

Discord[edit | edit source]

All players may use Discord lobbies.

Game Activity Setting
Discord invite button.png

In order to form a team through Discord, the player can use the Discord Game Activity Status Message to invite people via Direct Messages. In addition, they can post an invite to channels that anyone with the game can accept to join their squad. Through Discord, players with the Super Free Edition can invite and be invited to parties.

If you have difficulties setting up a Discord lobby, please see the trouble shooting page here for help. If you still cannot get them to work, please join the official discord for further help.