In-game rules pop up.png
In-Game Rules Pop-Up

No Teaming

  • Only team up with Super Animals who are officially on your team (you'll see them on the right side of your screen in duos/squads)! No teaming in solos.

Be Pawsitive

  • Be positive, supportive and sportsmanlike!
  • No spamming, slurs/racism, advertising, or other toxic behaviour.
  • When in doubt, keep it PG13. We understand that sometimes animals and people have disagreements, just keep it civil.


  • When first launching Super Animal Royale, or when launching from a different machine, the Guidelines of Super Animal Royale will appear. Only after clicking "Agree", does this notification clear from the screen and the player is able to continue into the game.
  • Pop up includes a note about punitive actions:
    We're pretty understanding and will give out warnings for minor offenses, but anything massively disruptive may lead to a ban without warning.
  • Reports on bad behavior can be made either in discord to moderators or through the report button found on the end game pop up.
End game pop up.png
End Game Pop-Up

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