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Welcome to goldwood woods

Welcome to Goldwood Woods!

Goldwood Woods is a forest biome location in Super Animal World. It is located on the southeasternmost point of the island, east of Super Animal Farm and south west of the S.A.W. Shipyards. Despite being one of the largest areas in the game, Goldwood Woods is not usually considered a hot drop by players, as players usually prefer to drop in Super Animal Farm or even Pete's Swamp that arguably can give players better loot early in a match. Goldwood Woods features many options for players to look for loot such as; campsites spread out throughout the woods, villas located on the northern side of the woods that can provide players with good loot, and may also contain Crate Rebel Caches, and a cave located in the south eastern area. Primarily being a very open location in the game in most areas, long ranged combat is recommended to give players an advantage in firefights. Many houses, trees, Barrel-waste Barrels, tents, storage containers, and large boulders spread throughout the area can provide good cover for players if caught off guard by any enemies.

On the south area of the Woods are many campsites, a compound with a building in it, a small cave, and the shoreline of the island. This is a good area to look for loot, as there are generally a lot of opportunities for players to look for loot in the campsites, small buildings, and even some Coconut Coconuts near the shoreline to refill health if needed. On the north area of Goldwood Woods are some buildings, some with more than one point of entry, and a few Campfire Campfires for players to go to if they need to regain health. There is also the main road running throughout Super Animal World that can lead players to the S.A.W. Bamboo Resort and the S.A.W. Shipyards nearby. The western side of the Woods is mostly forested with plenty of Tallgrass-wheat Tall grass for players to cut to look for pickups as well as a few tents that players are able to look for loot in front of. On the eastern side of Goldwood Woods lies the shoreline with a plentiful amount of coconuts for players to eat to regain health, a few storage containers closer to S.A.W. Shipyards players are able to scavenge around for loot, as well as more campsites.

Goldwood Woods is an excellent area for players to work on the mushroom milestones with a plentiful amount of Mushroom Mushrooms that spawn throughout this area.

Goldwood woods on map

Goldwood Woods on the map.

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