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Turtle finds loot in giant giant clams

Char-turtle Super Turtle finds 3 Duct-Tape Super Tapes in a Giant Giant Clam.

Giant Giant Clam is a large clam that can be found only around the shorelines of the Super Animal World. It can be opened to reveal a few random items out of the following: Icon Ammo Ammunition, 3x Duct-Tape Super Tape, and throwables such as Grenade-new Grenades, Cat Mine Lucky Cat Mines or Skunk bombUI Skunk Bombs.

Sounds[ | ]

Sound of opening a Giant Giant Clam

GiantClamshell Map

Map of Giant Clam Shell locations along the shoreline.

Gallery[ | ]

Patch Notes[ | ]


  • Introduced idle animations for Giant Giant Clams


  • Giant Giant Clams added to the game