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Welcome to Giant Emu Ranch!

Giant Emu Ranch on map

Giant Emu Ranch on map.

The Giant Emu Ranch is a smaller location in the Super Animal Royale map and lies at the southeastern point of Super Saharaland just southeast of the Super Pyramid. It was at a point that the Emu idle 000 Giant Emus were trained and raised at the ranch, but after the rebel attack, they all escaped. All that is left in their wake are the horseshoes and saddles they wore and the hay that they would eat. Also present throughout the building are many Crate-wooden Crates and enough loot to outfit duos or even a squad of Super Animals. Giant Emu Ranch also contains stalls inside the main portion of the building as well as stables outside just south of the main entrances where Emu idle 000 Giant Emus were stored and can sometimes still be found. To the southeast of the building, a sign can be seen reading "WELCOME to GIANT EMU RANCH" with the silhouette of an straddled Giant Emu with with two riders, a Char-deer Super Deer and a Char-bear Super Bear.

Giant Emu Ranch is segmented into three portions and possess three entrances, each one on the south face of the building and allowing entrance into the individual segments.

  • The leftmost segment of the building contains a room that seems to have been the main office of the Giant Emu Ranch where Giant Emus would have been rented out as on the front face of the building just left of the door can a sign be seen with the words "Rental Office". Behind the counter is the entrance to a back room where a large supply of saddles and horseshoes can be seen strewn about the room. The office also contains the skeleton of a Giant Emu on display standing on a pedestal with a plaque on it. Loot can appear inside the office as well as in the back room. The front doorway at the south face of the office is relatively narrow and presents a moderate disadvantage in combat as there isn't much line of sight and someone could easily hide inside the building or alternatively around the corner of the building. There is also a doorway to the right of the room connecting it to the center room of the building.
  • The middlemost segment of Giant Emu Ranch contains four stalls at the back of the room and a large, open area in the center where the Giant Emus where taken care of as the stalls contain bales of hay and troughs full of water. This room has breakables obscuring what could be a moderately sized battle area as well as randomly spawning loot and posses the biggest entrance into the building, designed this way to accommodate multiple Giant Emus, and is usually blocked by crates but once they're broken, the wide entrance provides a wide line of sight and ample opportunity during combat for gunfire as well as for tossing throwables, such as grenades, in or out of the building.
  • The rightmost segment of Giant Emu Ranch possess a sign outside of the building displaying an injured Giant Emu patched up with gauze around its head and the word "VET" in front of it. The inside of this segment of the building resembles that of a veterinary operating room with an operating table to the right of the room and decorative bottles of Health Juice on the counter in the back of the room. The main entrance at the south face of the building is generally smaller than the middle room's doorway but slightly bigger than the office room's doorway, likely to accept one emu at a time for operation. A small number of breakable crates can be found in this room as well as a small amount of loot.

In addition to the main building, Giant Emu Ranch possess two separate sets of stables to the front of the building, a larger set containing two stalls directly south of the middle entrance of the building clad with wire fencing and usually containing a few pieces of loot, and a smaller set also containing two much smaller stalls southwest of the main entrance to the rental office where little to no loot can spawn. West of the Giant Emu Ranch rental offices entrance is a campfire.

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