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Giant Eagle Landing

Entrance to Giant Eagle Landing

Giant Eagle Landing on map

Giant Eagle Landing on the map

Giant Eagle Landing is an avian-themed land, with fine establishments such as; the Beakeasy (a seedy nightclub), Eggsotic Cuisine, Flappy Jacks, and the Giant Eagle Rides attraction. Giant Eagle Landing is located directly east of the Super Animal Super Stage and west of Pete's Swamp. Giant Eagle Landing is not considered a hot spot for players to initially drop to, as it's a very small area with very small/narrow buildings making it not ideal for players to find high tier loot here.

At the center of this location is an outdoor stage with plenty of Crate-wooden Crates scattered about near some speakers. To the west is Eggsotic Cuisine, a destroyed egg themed cafe with meals lying around, and a very messy kitchen. This building only has one point of entry/exit, so players should act quickly when looting it. To the northwest is a Campfire Campfire by the shoreline which can be used to recover health, and a pathway leading to Super Animal Super Stage. To the east is the Beakeasy nightclub with taped performances by CharacterIcon LadyCawCaw Lady Caw Caw, CharacterIcon BlueJayZ Blue Jay Z, and CharacterIcon KellyLarkson Kelly Larkson upon first entering the nightclub! With 3 points of entry/exit, this is the largest building in Giant Eagle Landing and the best location to check for loot first. Further east lies the main road going throughout Super Animal World, and a security checkpoint with Pete's Swamp lying further east. At the north most point lies the Giant Eagle Rides attraction where super animal could go on Giant Eagle for an aerial tour of Super Animal World. There are wooden boardwalks connecting Giant Eagle Landing to the main road with some Coconut Coconuts scattered around them.

It’s a wonderful time to visit Giant Eagle Landing, especially since Spring has sprung and the new cherry blossom trees are in bloom on the south side!

Music at the Beakeasy[ | ]

Upon entering the Beakeasy in Giant Eagle Landing, players have a chance to hear one of three pre taped tunes by super star birds, Blue Jay Z, Kelly Larkson and Lady Caw Caw!

Blue Jay Z's rap

Kelly Larkson's song

Lady Caw Caw's song

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History[ | ]

  • v0.86.7 Giant Eagle Landing has been added.