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Animals parachuting down from the Giant Eagle.

Giant Eagle Rides Billboard

Giant Eagle Rides billboard found in the S.A.W. Welcome Center.

Giant Eagle (also referred to as Duck-Eagle) is a special mode of transportation that allows animals to travel to the Super Animal World and participate in the Super Animal Royale. It appears as a giant bird with a bus chassis and hood attached to it's back, which is where the animal sit. It has 4 windows on each side as well as one window in the front and back each. Because there is door in the back, it can be presumed there is a trap door at the back of the carriage where the animals jump out of. It has a maximum capacity of 64. The round begins once the Giant Eagle has passed the island; any stragglers still inside are kicked out and the Super Skunk Gas timer is initiated.

Trivia[ | ]

  • In episode 3 of Super Animal Royale Tonight, Donk Patrick stated that one of the Giant Eagle's name is Jimmy Talon.
  • In the past, the Giant Eagle would sometimes be referred to as Deagle (Duck-Eagle but shortened).