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Fox Freefalling

Char-fox Super Fox Freefalling after ejecting from the Giant Eagle.

Freefall Mode gives the Super Animal a very quick falling speed, as opposed to slowly parachuting down to the ground on an umbrella. There is no health penalty to hard failed landings, but the animal will remain stunned for about a second. Players are able to drop and redeploy their umbrellas as many times as they can before hitting the ground. The option to enter Freefall Mode disappears when the player is too close to the ground.

To activate Freefall Mode, the player must first disembark for the Giant Eagle, and at any point (except for when they are about to hit the ground}, use the "Use / Pick up" action, by default EPC PS4 SquarePS XboxOne XXbox/Switch Switch YJoy-Con.

There is sometimes an occasional visual bug where a super animal will enter Freefall Mode and redeploy their umbrella, but their equipped umbrella will not show. It will instead appear as if the animal is grasping an invisible umbrella.

Super Milestones[ | ]

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Two outfits and one hat can be unlocked by reaching milestones of failed landings.

Clothes skydiving blue

Blue Skydiving Jumpsuit
1 Failed Landing

Clothes skydiving red

Red Skydiving Jumpsuit
10 Failed Landings

Hat skydive camera

Skydiving Camera Helmet
30 Failed Landings

Gallery[ | ]