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Char-skullcat.png Super Skullcat breaking an Egyptian Pot to uncover a Duct-Tape.png Super Tape pickup.

Egyptian Pots are a destructible found exclusively inside the Super Pyramid, and within the ruins outside the pyramid in Super Saharaland. Egyptian Pots may contain items such as Healthjuice level 3.png Health Juice, Grenade-new.png Grenades, Skunk bombUI.png Skunk Bombs, Duct-Tape.png Super Tape or Icon Ammo.png Ammunition pickups. To reveal the items inside, it must be destroyed with a Katana.png Melee Weapon attack, Emu idle 000.png Giant Emu peck, shot at with a gun or blown by an explosion. Gun dart grey-resources.assets-5316.png Dogna's Dart Gun cannot destroy Egyptian Pots.


There are several variations of Egyptian Pots, the difference between which is purely cosmetic.

Exclusively found in the Super Pyramid:

Found throughout both inside the Super Pyramid and outside the pyramid amongst the ruins in Super Saharaland:


Sound of an egyptian pot being destroyed.