Super Easter Event
Easter 2019 banner.jpg
Event information
Start date 19 April 2019(v0.87.0)
End date 27 April 2019(v0.87.2)
Event chronology
Event history
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Super Easter Event is a special event lasting from April 19th to April 27th, 2019. The update brings new animal species, breeds, melee weapon skins and special costumes.


  • Squads Test Weekend - from April 19th (12am PDT) to April 23rd(12am PDT).
  • Event drops are acquired via collection of Easter Eggs, found during game play hidden around the map.

Event Rewards

Yellow Bow
Currency egg.png 20

Easter Bow
Currency egg.png 75

Bunny Ears
Currency egg.png 150

Super Bunny
Currency egg.png 250

N.B. Super Bunny is pre-existing, but the egg hunt reward gives the player another way to unlock it without DNA Fox.png DNA or Super serum.png Super Serum.

Patch Notes

See the full updates patch notes here.

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