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Poison Dart Gun
Gun dart grey-resources.assets-5316.png
Initial damage 1113
Poison Damage 9 / 0.6s, 4 ticks
Bullet Range 120120 SAU
Damage Dropoff (higher is slower) 99999999999999
Bullet Speed 136139 SAU/s
Armor Pierce 0
Hamster Ball Pierce 1/3
Spawn Ratio 4.95%
Automatic No
Shot Interval 0.5s
Rate of Fire 120 RPM
Bullet Type Ammo dart.png Poison Darts
Magazine Capacity 5
Reload Time 1.7s
Noisiness 135 SAU
Move Speed -6.25%
Basic recoil while stationary / creeping / running 0° / 0.2° / 1°
Min recoil while jump roll / crouch roll 3° / 2°
Max recoil
Recoil reset per second while stationary / creeping / running 18° / 17° / 13°

The Poison Dart Gun is a mid-range weapon that applies poison (a damage over time effect) to enemy animals. It does damage through armor.

Weapon statistics[edit | edit source]

The Poison Dart Gun spawns with two boxes of 5 Ammo dart.png Darts each. It exists in Uncommon and Rare rarities. The gun has 1 sound variant.

Skins[edit | edit source]

Weapon appearance can be customized with one of the following weapon skins:

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Gun dart grey-resources.assets-5316.png

Default Dogna's Dart Gun

Gun dart orange-resources.assets-2005.png

Orange Dogna's Dart Gun

Gun dart green-resources.assets-235.png

Green Dogna's Dart Gun

Gun dart blue-resources.assets-723.png

Blue Dogna's Dart Gun

Gun dart red-resources.assets-2866.png

Red Dogna's Dart Gun

Gun dart purple-resources.assets-4966.png

Purple Dogna's Dart Gun

Gun dart skunk.png

Skunk Dogna's Dart Gun

Gun dart yellow-resources.assets-2561.png

Yellow Dogna's Dart Gun

Gun dart pink-resources.assets-1022.png

Pink Dogna's Dart Gun

White Poison Dart Gun.png

White Dogna's Dart Gun

History[edit | edit source]

  • v0.90.0 Damage, projectile speed, death mechanics updated.
  • v0.89.0 Poison Dart Gun has been added to the game.