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Dogna's Dart Gun
Gun dart grey-resources.assets-5316.png
Initial Damage 1113
Poison Damage 9 / 0.6s, 4 ticks
Healing 6 / 0.6s, 4 ticks
Bullet Range 120120 SAU
Damage Dropoff (higher is slower)
Bullet Speed 136139 SAU/s
Armor Pierce 0
Hamster Ball Pierce 1/3
Spawn Ratio 4.47%
Automatic No
Shot Interval 0.44s
Rate of Fire 136 RPM
Bullet Type Ammo dart.png Poison Darts
Magazine Capacity 6
Reload Time 1.7s
Noisiness 135 SAU
Move Speed 105%
Move Speed (shooting) 80%
Basic recoil while stationary / creeping / running 0° / 0.5° / 1°
Recoil added per shot while stationary or creeping / running 1° / 1°
Min recoil while jump roll / crouch roll 1° / 1°
Max recoil
Recoil reset per second while stationary / creeping / running 18° / 17° / 13°

The Dogna's Dart Gun (Formerly Poison Dart Gun) is a mid-range weapon that applies poison (a damage over time effect) to enemy animals or heals teamed players. Damage over time numbers can be seen if the affected animal is within line of sight. Dogna's Dart Gun does damage through armor. Currently, it is the only gun in the game that does not trigger Explosive Barrels.

Weapon statistics[]

The Dogna's Dart Gun spawns with two boxes of 6 Ammo dart.png Darts each. It exists in Uncommon and Rare rarities. The gun has 1 sound variant. When an allied player is hit by a dart from Dogna's Dart Gun and their health points are not full, they will receive a healing effect that heals 24 health points over 2 seconds. If an allied player has not lost any health points and is in the path of a poison dart, the dart will pass by them. Every dart that hits a player under the healing effect will reset the healing timer to 2 seconds, which means the healing effect does not stack. Healing effect against allied downed players is only 50% effective which matches the reduced damage they take. 50% healing efficiency also applies to players in a skunk gas.


Weapon appearance can be customized with one of the following weapon skins:

Gun dart grey-resources.assets-5316.png

Default Dogna's Dart Gun
Available to all players

Gun dart orange-resources.assets-2005.png

Orange Dogna's Dart Gun
5 Dogna's Dart Gun kills

Gun dart green-resources.assets-235.png

Green Dogna's Dart Gun
10 Dogna's Dart Gun kills

Gun dart blue-resources.assets-723.png

Blue Dogna's Dart Gun
20 Dogna's Dart Gun kills

Gun dart red-resources.assets-2866.png

Red Dogna's Dart Gun
35 Dogna's Dart Gun kills

Gun dart purple-resources.assets-4966.png

Purple Dogna's Dart Gun
55 Dogna's Dart Gun kills

Gun dart yellow-resources.assets-2561.png

Yellow Dogna's Dart Gun
80 Dogna's Dart Gun kills

Gun dart pink-resources.assets-1022.png

Pink Dogna's Dart Gun
110 Dogna's Dart Gun kills

White Poison Dart Gun.png

White Dogna's Dart Gun
150 Dogna's Dart Gun kills


Dogna's Dart Gun is a good choice for killing enemies without harming their armor for later use. Using Dogna's Dart Gun (DDG) requires decent timing and forward thinking as its slow rate of fire leaves you vulnerable to enemy attacks. It is advised that once a hit is landed on the enemy, pursue them at a distance as they will likely flee to heal; pursing them immediately could result in a fight or flight reaction, possibly resulting in them switching to a close-range weapon and retaliating aggressively. Keep in mind that poison damage does not last long, though the timed effect of the damage is cumulative with each successive dart hit. With the brand new healing capability, this gun becomes a useful weapon for players wanting to play a support role as poison darts heal injured allies as well as healing them slightly while they are downed allowing for a slightly longer revive window to finish off any enemy teams in the surrounding area for a more secure revive. Notably, however, the healing timer resets on each successive dart hit, unlike when it's used offensively.

Patch History[]


  • Clip size increased from 5 to 6
  • Maximum ammo increased from 30 to 35


  • Weapon renamed from Poison Dart Gun to Dogna's Dart Gun
  • Teammate healing functionality has been added
  • Skin appearance has been changed to reflect new functionality


  • Damage numbers for poison from the Poison Dart Gun now require line of sight



  • Projectile speed increased
  • Poison damage reduced from 12 to 9 (per tick)
    • Poison can now fully eliminate your target
  • New bullet spread system added


  • Poison Dart Gun has been added to the game.