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Desktop version refers to Super Animal Royale computer versions for Windows and Mac, which are produced entirely by Pixile Studios. Only the latest version is distributed via Steam. The Desktop version is also playable on the Steam Deck (and Linux) via the Proton compatibility layer, with special adjustments for the Deck in particular.

Version history[ | ]

Version Release date Name Major Highlights
v1.9.3 12 March 2024[1] Super Octopus Octopuses, ReSpawning Day 2024 event
v1.9.2 12 December 2023[2] Dragon’s Loot Update Super Dragon Dragons, Super CRISPRmas 2023 event
v1.9.1 26 September 2023[3] Party Animal Update CR1: Super Howloween 2023 event
v1.9 11 July 2023[4] Sea Legs Update Super Sea Land location, Grey Laser Gun Superite Laser weapon, ZiplineUI Zip-and-Go throwable, Super Fish Fishes & Super Dolphin Dolphins, Summer Royale 2023 event

CR1: Super Orca Orca breed
CR2: Super Shark Sharks

v1.8 28 March 2023[5] Super Healthy Update Photo Booth, Health Juice Factory location, Attach-super-juicer Super Juicer powerup, Super Lemur Lemurs, ReSpawning Day 2023 event
v1.7.1 10 January 2023[6] Year of the Super Bunny 2023 event, revert of netcode introduced in 1.7
v1.7 13 December 2022[7] Super Crocodile Crocodiles, Cat Mine Lucky Cat Mine throwable, Super CRISPRmas 2022, Pete's Swamp expansion, Super Milestones and Super Challenges updates, new netcode
v1.6 27 September 2022[8] Murre Woods location, Dogna's Grey Dart Fly Dogna's Dartfly Gun weapon, Clothes bowtie green-resources.assets-691 Neckwear category, Super Peacock Peacocks
v1.5 28 June 2022[9] Giant Star-nosed Mole boss, Super Lizard Lizards

CR1: Summer Royale 2022 event
CR2: Char-Seagull Seagulls

v1.4.1 24 May 2022[10] Full Steam Deck support
v1.4 5 April 2022[11] ModeIcon SAW vs Rebellion S.A.W. vs Rebellion overhaul, S.A.W. Security HQ location, Super Easter 2022 event
v1.3 25 January 2022[12] Gun egglauncher grey Big Clucking Gun weapon
v1.2 14 December 2021[13] Cross-play Parties, Beaver Construction HQ location, Super CRISPRmas 2021 event
v1.1 19 October 2021[14] ModeIcon Bwoking Dead The Bwoking Dead mode, Pixile Port location
v1.0 26 August 2021[15] v1.0 Has Arrived! Super Animal Pass Season 1, Char-Frog Frogs, Pet-wolf Mini Animal Pets
v0.98.0 29 June 2021[16] Soak up the Super Summer Royale event, starting now! Summer Royale 2021 event
v0.97.0 1 June 2021[17] Shorelines Update, New Animal Pass Season and Xbox Cross-play! New Super Turtles, Xbox Game Preview crossplay for Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, new Beach Party Pass, new Super Milestone, Super Animal Accounts, major map changes.
v0.96.9 31 March, 2021[18] Join the Super Easter egg hunt and play the new Mystery Mode! Super Easter 2021, new Mystery Mode, S.A.W Shop Bundles, 3 new animals, mushrooms munched milestones.
v0.96.8 11 March, 2021[19] St. Pawtrick's Day 2021 Event New Super Badger, Mushrooms, Super tutorial
v0.96.7 5 February, 2021[20] Year of the Super Ox Event New super cow breeds, New Lunar Year cosmetics
v0.96.6 14 January, 2021[21] Super Seals Arrive in the Research Lab Super Seals, recoil changes
v0.96.5 18 December, 2020[22] CRISPRmas 2020 Char goat Goats, Super CRISPRmas event, one new Super Animal, 8 new breeds, S.A.W vs Rebellion mode return, improvements to Dart Gun and new map location
v0.96.4 4 December, 2020[23] The stage is set for Super Possums and Super Pigeons! Char pigeon Pigeons, Char-opossum Possums, Super Animal Super Stage location
v0.96.3 17 November, 2020[24] Super Major Update! Game becomes Free to Play, Cackling Carl's Cart and S.A.W Shop now open, S.A.W vs Rebellion Mode (32v32), Adding Super Edition and Starter Pack DLC
v0.95.3 28 October, 2020[25] Super Howloween Arrives on the Island Super Howloween 2020 event, Night Mode
v0.95.2 23 July, 2020[26] Super Squirrels! Char-squirrel Squirrels, Gun bow default Bow & Sparrow and Gun crossbow default Sparrow Launcher weapons
v0.95.1 24 June, 2020[27] Summer Royale 2020 Summer Royale 2020 event, Quick Chat and Pings
v0.95.0 21 May, 2020[28] Super Powerups, Emu Breeds, Private Matches Beta & More Super Powerups, New breeds, Private Matches and New Emu Breeds
v0.94.0 24 April, 2020[29] The Trials of Skullcat Map Update (Pyramid area), new breeds and cosmetics, new NPCs and storytelling systems, new Super Milestones
v0.93.1 1 April, 2020[30] Freefall and Easter Freefall mechanic, Super Easter 2020
v0.93.0 12 March, 2020[31] Giant Emu Update Giant Emus, Hunting Rifle, St. Pawtrick's Day 2020, Giant Emu Ranch
v0.92.1 20 February, 2020[32] Hungry Hungry Hippos Hippos, Mobility and Recoil updates, Inventory Management improvements
v0.92.0 23 January, 2020[33] Year of the Super Rat New Animals, Year of the Super Rat, Inventory Management, Cosmetic loadout Presets
v0.91.2 26 December, 2019[34] Week 3 of Super Crisprmas! New Animals, Super CRISPRmas 2019 continues
v0.91.1 19 December, 2019[35] Week 2 of Super Crisprmas! New Animals, Super CRISPRmas 2019 continues
v0.91.0 13 December, 2019[36] Super Crisprmas! New Animals, new Cosmetics, Super CRISPRmas 2019, Thomas's Tundra update
v0.90.2 22 November, 2019[37] Super Leopards and Super Jaguars have been spotted! Leopard, Super Milestones
v0.90.1 11 November, 2019[38] Super Tracksuits are in, Super Halloween is out! Tracksuits, Halloween decorations removed from map
v0.90.0 31 October, 2019[39] Shooting Gallergy, New Weapon, Super Alebrijes & More Shooting Gallery and S.A.W. Studios locations, Gun jag7 JAG-7 weapon
v0.89.4 18 October, 2019[40] Super Halloween 2019 Candy Corn Hunt event
v0.89.3 4 October, 2019[41] Super Bobcat and Super Lynx
v0.89.1 20 September, 2019[42] Super Parrots Char parrot-resources.assets-632 Parrots, Emote Wheel
v0.89.0 30 August, 2019[43] Huge Clucking Update Super Animal Farm location, Char cow-resources.assets-4835 Cows, Char chicken-resources.assets-3337 Chickens, Char horse-resources.assets-6070 Horses, Poison Dart Gun, Prestige System
v0.88.8 12 August, 2019[44] Super Gummy Bears
v0.88.7 2 August, 2019 Super Squids Update Squads Launch, Bot Teams
v0.88.6 23 July, 2019 Super Fruit Bat
v0.88.5 19 July, 2019[45] Super Summer Royale Summer Royale 2019 event


2 July, 2019
v0.88.3 28 June, 2019[46] Super Bats, Super Rats, Superite Cave, and More! Char bat-resources.assets-915 Bats, Char rat-resources.assets-4564 Rats, Superite Mountain location
v0.88.1 17 June, 2019
v0.88.0 13 June, 2019[47] Super Ferrets, Super Hedgehogs and rainbows! Char ferret-resources.assets-1959 Ferrets, Char hedgehog-resources.assets-2522 Hedgehogs
v0.87.9 4 June, 2019
v0.87.8 31 May, 2019[48] Char-ducks Ducks, Char-hawks Hawks, Gun deagle grey Deagle weapon
v0.87.6 17 May, 2019[49] Super Otters + Discord Invites Char otter-resources.assets-2549 Otters, Discord invites
v0.87.5 7 May, 2019[50] Luke Stinkwalker + Weekend Update
v0.87.4 3 May, 2019[51] Super Smelly Update Char-skunk Skunks, Skunk Bomb
v0.87.3 27 April, 2019
v0.87.2 27 April, 2019
v0.87.1 23 April, 2019
v0.87.0 19 April, 2019[52] The Super Easter Bunny Arrives Super Easter event, Item trade-up
v0.86.9 11 April, 2019
v0.86.8 9 April, 2019
v0.86.7 5 April, 2019[53] Super Feathery Royale Giant Eagle Landing location, Char bird-resources.assets-1814 Songbirds, Char bluejay-resources.assets-281 Blue Jays, Char raven-resources.assets-936 Ravens, Char owl-resources.assets-2297 Owls, Daily Super Challenges, Super dna magnet-sharedassets0.assets-51 Super DNA Magnets
v0.86.6 26 March, 2019
v0.86.5 22 March, 2019
v0.86.4 19 March, 2019
v0.86.3 15 March, 2019[54] St. Pawtrick's Day St. Pawtrick's Day event
v0.86.1 8 March, 2019[55] Super Fennec and Friends
v0.86.0 2 March, 2019[56] Super Milestone Update Super Milestones
v0.85.9 25 February, 2019
v0.85.8 22 February, 2019[57]
v0.85.6‎ 15 February, 2019
v0.85.5 14 February, 2019[58] Super Duos Day 2019 event, Super Tape
v0.85.4‎ 4 February, 2019
v0.85.3 1 February, 2019[59] Year of the Super Pig event
v0.85.2 18 January, 2019[60] Super Content Update Char-sheep Sheep, Challenges
v0.85.0 14 January, 2019 S.A.W. Welcome Center location
v0.84.2 9 January, 2019
v0.84.1 8 January, 2019[61] Stretch your paws and get your thumbs ready: controller support has arrived! Controller support
v0.84.0 27 December, 2018[62] The v0.84 Super Update is Live! New cosmetics, Bots update, changes around the island, and various other fixes.
v0.83.0 20 December, 2018[63] Big Announcements and a Big Update! Epic rarity guns, announcement of the demo, new cosmetics, animal, various fixes.
v0.82.0‎ 14 December, 2018[64] Super Dog Update Christmas 2018 event
v0.77.0‎ 8 December, 2018

Public Test Realm Version history[ | ]

Public Test Realm versions are time-locked beta versions of Super Animal Royale that allow players to test new features and provide feedback to the developers.

Version Release date Name Highlights and Notes
v1.6.1 (PTR) 8 October, 2022[65] New Netcode PTR: help us test for a Carl Coin reward! New netcode that attempts to remove various bugs and problems that were present in the old netcode.
v0.96.1 (PTR) 16 October, 2020[66] Public Test Realm Phase 2 Play the updated 32v32 mode and give us feedback on the new menus and UI! Updated S.A.W. vs Rebellion 32 vs 32 game mode, more UI/menu changes, and many other additional changes/fixes based off player's feedback from the first PTR.
v0.96.0 (PTR) 8 October, 2020[67] Play the Public Test Realm (PTR) and Help Shape the Future of SAR! Public Test Realm for players to opt into to take a look at Super Animal Royale's latest build, introduction of both Cackling Carl's Cart and S.A.W Shop and their currencies used to make purchases at those shops, introduction of a new game mode, S.A.W. vs Rebellion 32 vs 32 game mode, introduction of Rebel Caches, main menu/UI overhaul, introduction of Super Animal Passes and the beginning of Super Animal Pass Season 0, weekly challenges added, earned progression system overhaul, The Great Gun Buyback, and various other gameplay changes and other fixes

References[ | ]