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Currency refers to fungible resources that can be spent to unlock various customizations. These include NewMenuCoinIcon Carl Coins, Currency S.A.W. Ticket S.A.W. Tickets, and limited-time event currencies.

NewMenuCoinIcon Carl Coins[ | ]

Currency Carl coins

Carl Coins used as in-game currency

Carl Coins were created by Cackling Carl himself, and can be used to buy items at the Cackling Carl's Cart.

  • Players earn 1 coin every 12 seconds survived in a match, if they do not own the Super Edition DLC.
  • Players earn 1 coin every 6 seconds survived in a match, if they own the Super Edition DLC.
  • Reaching certain tiers in Super Animal Passes rewards the player with NewMenuCoinIcon 500-1000.

Currency S.A.W. Ticket S.A.W. Tickets[ | ]


The Ticket Store accessible from the main menu.

Currency Tickets x3

S.A.W. Tickets used as premium currency

S.A.W. Tickets are a premium currency that can be purchased on the Ticket Shop with real money. S.A.W. Tickets can be used to buy premium items in the S.A.W. Shop along with any available Super Animal Passes.


  • Players that owned the game before November 17, 2020, have received a bonus of Currency S.A.W. Ticket 300 for supporting the game.
  • Players that took part in the first Public Test Realm on October 8th, which revealed the new Cackling Carl's Cart and the S.A.W Shop, were given Currency S.A.W. Ticket 1200 to purchase any of the available cosmetics available in the PTR; and as a reward after the PTR ended.

NOTICE: Due to platform requirements, S.A.W. Tickets are exclusive to the specific platform they are obtained on. If you claim S.A.W. Tickets from a Super Animal Pass on a platform, it will NOT transfer to other platforms. Thus, choose a main platform to claim S.A.W. Tickets and make S.A.W. Tickets purchases on.

Limited-time Event Currencies[ | ]

These currencies allow to obtain customizations within a limited-time event shop. They are usually obtained by completing matches or by collecting event-exclusive health pickups.

Patch Notes[ | ]


  • Carl Coins and S.A.W. Tickets added to the game.