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Crabs are animals that can be found throughout the Super Animal World. They tend to walk around a bit.

Groups of Crabs[ | ]

Dancing with Crabs Animated

Dancing with a group of Crabs.

Groups of crabs can be found at the shores of Super Animal World. Using any Dance Emote while near a group of Crabs will cause the crabs to dance for 30 seconds. This also unlocks the "Beach Party" Super Milestone.

Dance Emotes List[ | ]

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  • Default Dance
  • PBJT!
  • Floss Dance
  • Russian Dance
  • Tap Dance
  • Stretching Routine
  • Country Dance
  • SARturday Night Fever
  • Monkey Dance

Worker Crabs[ | ]

Crab No Dance

Worker Crab refusing to dance with Char-fox-purple Super Pixile Fox.

Worker Crabs can be found at the Health Juice Factory. Some like to dance, whereas some will get irritated if you try to dance next to them.

Super Milestone Rewards[ | ]

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Hat crab

Crab Hat
Beach Party (Use any Dance Emote near the group of Crabs)
Yellow LockIcon

Sounds[ | ]

The music that plays while the Crabs are dancing.

Pixile Studios posted a 10 hour version of the song on YouTube:

Trivia[ | ]

  • The feature of crabs dancing when a player dances near them is a reference to the Crab Rave song by Noisestorm. Super Animal Royale uses it's own unique music for the Crab Rave.