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Christmas 2018
Event information
Start date 14 December 2018(v0.82.0)
End date 5 January 2019(v0.84.0)
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Year of the Super Pig

Christmas Event 2018 is an event that lasted from December 14th, 2018 to January 5th, 2019. The update brings a new animal breed, melee weapon skin and special costumes.


The Festive Sweater and Santa Hat were given each for completing a match at any time during the event. Between December 22nd and December 26th, Katana was replaced with the Candy Cane, and the Santa Outfit could be earned by completing a match. Candy Cane was later be awarded as a separate melee weapon skin to anyone who played during the period when it replaced Katana. The Russian Dance emote could be obtained by winning a match between December 20, 2018 and January 5, 2019, however it is still obtainable as an Epic drop, unlike the previously mentioned cosmetics which are all timed exclusives.

Clothes santa.png

Santa Outfit

Hat santa-resources.assets-1805.png

Santa Hat

Patch Notes[]

See the full updates patch notes here.