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Chat is a system allowing players to talk to each other. Chat messages can be seen at the bottom left corner of the screen. Players can press ↵ Enter to open the chat input, write their message, and then press ↵ Enter again to send it. It is possible to switch between All, Team (and Squad in S.A.W. vs Rebellion) chat by pressing the ↹ Tab key. Players can scroll through chat using the mouse-wheel (Only while typing is active). Chat can show a maximum of 6 last messages.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Please be nice to other players in the chat. Excessive use of offensive language may result in the account receiving a temporary or even a permanent ban.
  • Some of the notifications will appear in the chat, for example, when a team member ejects from the Giant Eagle.
  • The chat will show the last 5 messages unless you scroll through the chat.