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Bow & Sparrow
Bow & Sparrow.png
Damage 27.528.5
Bullet Range 9.69.6 SAU
Bullet Speed 113.75117 SAU/s
Damage 5557
Special Effect 40% Armor Penetration
Bullet Range 120120 SAU
Bullet Speed 178182 SAU/s
Track Target 6s7s
Armor Pierce 1
Hamster Ball Pierce 1/3
Spawn Ratio 4.96%
Automatic No
Shot Interval 0.1s
Rate of Fire 95 RPM
Bullet Type Ammo specialtyUI.png Specialty
Magazine Capacity 1
Reload Time 0.0s
Noisiness 125 SAU
Move Speed 105% (33)
Move Speed (shooting) 70%
Basic recoil while stationary / creeping / running 0° / 0.5° / 1.5°
Recoil added per shot while stationary or creeping / running 0° / 0°
Min recoil while jump roll / crouch roll 1.5° / 0.5°
Max recoil
Recoil reset per second while stationary / creeping / running 21° / 20.5° / 19°

Weapon statistics[]

The weapon spawns with two boxes of 6 . The Bow & Sparrow has Uncommon and Rare rarities. It has 2 gun sound variants.

The Bow & Sparrow tracks targets when damaged with a Sparrow over their head, as well as giving an indicator on the edges of your screen as to where the tracked target is. These visual indicators can be seen through all terrain. There is no limit on how many targets you can track at once.

All sparrows have 40% armor penetration against armored targets.

The Uncommon variant tracks the target for 6 seconds, and the Rare variant tracks the target for 7 seconds.

The total amount of ammo the Bow & Sparrow can carry is 36.

The weapon can be held in a charged state indefinitely, even during jump rolls. However, this reduces your character's move speed significantly.


It is recommended to keep to a safe distance when using this weapon, because of the charge up time and the travel time of the arrow. It works well in a group setting where your allies can follow up on it, dealing extra damage or being able to back off if the tracked target is setting up an ambush.

However, if you are playing solo, it is recommended to pair this weapon with something that has a high fire rate with a moderate range, such as the pistol or AK, to be able to follow up and make use of the tracking function. Keeping this weapon out while you're walking around can help, as you wont have to switch to the weapon and then switch back to follow up on it, but be careful in close quarter areas.

You can also use this weapon as a determent of sorts, as tracked targets are less likely to take risks in a firefight, or close to a firefight. You can track one target, and then let your allies deal with the tracked target while you try to track another, or switch to your other weapon and assist them.

Damage based on distance[]


Gun bow default.png

Default Bow & Sparrow
Available to all players

Orange Bow & Sparrow.png

Orange Bow & Sparrow
2 Bow & Sparrow kills

Green Bow & Sparrow.png

Green Bow & Sparrow
5 Bow & Sparrow kills

Cardinal Bow & Sparrow.png

Cardinal Bow & Sparrow
S.A.W. Shop item
Currency S.A.W. Ticket.png 200

Blue Bow & Sparrow.png

Blue Bow & Sparrow
10 Bow & Sparrow kills

Red Bow & Sparrow.png

Red Bow & Sparrow
20 Bow & Sparrow kills

Purple Bow & Sparrow.png

Purple Bow & Sparrow
35 Bow & Sparrow kills

Gun bow banana.png

Banana Bow & Sparrow
S.A.W. Shop item
Currency S.A.W. Ticket.png 450

Cupid Bow & Sparrow.png

Cupid Bow & Sparrow
S.A.W. Shop item
Currency S.A.W. Ticket.png 450

Yellow Bow & Sparrow.png

Yellow Bow & Sparrow
50 Bow & Sparrow kills

Pink Bow & Sparrow.png

Pink Bow & Sparrow
70 Bow & Sparrow kills

White Bow & Sparrow.png

White Bow & Sparrow
100 Bow & Sparrow kills


  • The Cupid Bow & Sparrow skin produces heart effects upon launching a sparrow from it that is completely unique to that skin.

Patch History[]


  • Bow & Sparrow charge time lowered from 0.633s to 0.5s.
  • Projectile speed has been increased from 175 to 178 for uncommon bows and from 180 to 182 for rare bows.
  • Sparrow tracking time has been increased: from 5.5s to 6s for uncommon bows, from 6s to 7s for rare bows.


  • Bow & Sparrow as well as the Sparrow Launcher received a significant damage buff.
  • Pressing the reload button while holding a charged bow will cancel the charge.
  • Weapon recoil is non-random for the first few shots in a spray, but then becomes random after that. Automatic weapons such as the SMG or AK have 8 shots as non-random, but others like the Magnum or Deagle have 2. The Sniper goes random after its first shot, similar to its current version.


  • Weapon introduced.
  • Available in Uncommon and Rare varieties. The uncommon bow tracks enemies for 5.5s and the rare bow tracks for 6s.
  • Pulling back all the way before letting go will give players the most range, speed and damage with their shots.