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Biomes in Super Animal Royale are regions with unique ground types and vegetation. Super Animal World features multiple unique biomes, ranging from colder climates in the north to hotter climates in the south. Biomes do not affect weather effects. Biomes are purely cosmetic, but offer different combat situations, the loot that can be found doesn't differ.

Biomes[ | ]

Tundra[ | ]

Biome tundra

Snowy pine tree and tall grass.

Located north of the map in Thomas's Tundra this cold biome offers a great amount of snow and ice, covering the entire area. Snowy tall grass can be cut here to find Icon Ammo Ammunition, BananaUI Bananas and Healthjuice level 3 Health Juice, while snowy trees and rocks offer some cover in this biome. Small cabins and igloos also offer weapons and loot. This biome does not offer any consumable items, such as Coconut Coconuts or Mushroom Mushrooms. The frozen lake enables Super Animals to skate on and make process for their Super Challenges. Points of interest in this biome include Thomas's Workshop and Super Penguin Palace.

Cave[ | ]

Biome cave

Superite River inside Superite Mountain.

Multiple Caves can be found on the S.A.W. island, they offer small and cramped corridors for unique combat situations. The biggest cave can be found in the Superite Mountain. Superite mining equipment, candles, mattresses and cave murals can be found inside caves, or even secret places of worship.

Forests[ | ]

Forest Biomes

The different types of forests.

There are three forest biomes, with differences in the type of trees and ground type, with some containing pine trees, while others contain deciduous trees. Forests with a grassy ground offer mushrooms and tall grass, while the forests with a dirt ground do not. Small camps with tents and campfires can be found in the forests. Forests offer a great amount of cover at the cost of visibility, due to the density of the trees. The S.A.W. Research Labs are located inside a forest.

Desert[ | ]

Desert Biomes

From left to right, badlands, desert and sahara

This hot biome can be found around the Super Pyramid in the Super Saharaland, it offers ruins and rocks for cover and destructable Egyptian Pots for loot. The ground consists of sand with small ferns as vegetation. An oasis with palm trees and coconuts can be found west of the Super Pyramid.

The badlands, west of the Super Pyramid, contain cacti and small wheats as vegetation. The floor appears cracked and brown and small abandoned huts can be looted.

Similar to the badlands the sahara, east of the Super Pyramid, also has a cracked orange floor. Trees and small bushes can be found here. The Giant Emu Ranch is located in the sahara.

Bamboo[ | ]

Biome bamboo forest

Bamboo tall grass and mossy rocks.

The bamboo biome around the S.A.W. Bamboo Resort in the middle of the island, offers a great amount of cover but low visibility, due to the mossy rocks and indestructable tall bamboo trees. This biome is very green with a grassy floor and small dirt paths. Bamboo tall grass is a great source for loot here. This biome was introduced in v0.85.3, and shrines were added around the resort in v0.85.5.

Farmland[ | ]

Biome farmland

Pumpkins with scarecrow.

This biome can be found around the Super Animal Farm, it offers a great amount of wheat like tall grass that can be cut. Hayballs, dead tress and small farm sheds also offer cover. The ground is either dirt or covered with olive grass. Small cosmetic patches of pumpkins can also be found here. Points of interest include the Super Animal Farm itself and the Mini Ranch.

Swamp[ | ]

Biome swamp

Mossy trees and small lake in Pete's Swamp.

Pete's Swamp offers an unique swamp biome with muted dark browns and greens. The ground is muddy with small patches of grass and small lakes. Trees are covered with moss and vines. The wooden boardwalks across the swamp offer an unique combat situation with high visibility but low cover and little possibilities to dodge incoming bullets.

Beach[ | ]

Biome beach

Beach hut at the beach.

Beaches encircle the entire S.A.W. island except for the north, they offer palm trees and consumable Coconut Coconuts laying on the sand floor. Palm trees and sandy rocks offer cover, while beach huts also offer loot. Crab-red Crabs can also be found in groups here. Beach ball Beach Balls can often be found here at the start of the match. Clam closed Giant Giant Clams which can be opened for loot often spawn on the beach near the ocean shore.