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Beaver Construction HQ on map

Beaver Construction HQ on the map

Located right behind the Super Animal Super Stage on the map, Beaver Construction HQ is a work place of beavers. They're working on wood recycling. Calculating the dimensions of the wood on the computer, they cut it on the machine.

Beaver Construction HQ consists of the left side, the bridges in the middle, the right side and the upper island around some kind of swamp.

On the left is a place for bringing and sawing wood. This place is next to the road. Truckers bring wood, and machines cut it. It is dangerous to stand behind the machine, it can cut the leg, but beavers are masters of this business, so they can easily fix it. Also on the left side is a warehouse, places for working with products and other tools. One of the beaver artists made a model of some real estate.

The top room on the left is the rest room. On it, beavers can change clothes, buy soda, see the working months and various signs.

In the middle there are three bridges with two houses. The attendants sit there and work on the computer, transmitting basic information to the departments.

On the right side of the raft. It has computers to calculate the size of the wood to be cut. Office beavers do not just sit, but also play pranks, biting the walls... Other wooden products are also sawn in this room. There is also an upper room where the boxes are located.

It seems that the head of this factory lived on the upper island. He had tools, sheets, tablets, books and a bedroom. The house is a mess, as if it had been attacked. Also in this house there is a picture of a statue of working beavers.

The area is featured in ModeIcon SAW vs Rebellion S.A.W. vs Rebellion as the Another Dam Standoff map.

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