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Char-monkey.png Super Monkey firing a Pistol at an Explosive Barrel.

Barrels are placed across most map regions, and are separated to two different types.

Barrel-explosive.png Explosive barrels[edit | edit source]

Explosive barrels are bright red in color, with a white horizontal stripe and a "flammable" marking on them. When Explosive Barrels receive any form of damage they explode damaging any nearby players along with destroying crates and potentially detonating other nearby Explosive Barrels. Explosive Barrels cannot damage or remove any items on the ground such as dropped Armor.

Alongside grenades, explosive barrels are the only damage source in the game that can deal damage to both HP and Armor at once.

Char-wolf.png Super Wolf looking at Waste Barrels.

Barrel-waste.png Waste barrels[edit | edit source]

Waste barrels serve as obstacles to bullets, vision, and movement. They are green in color and have a dirty appearance.