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Barrels are objects placed across most Super Animal World regions. They exist in two distinguishable types.

Barrel-explosive Explosive barrels[ | ]

Monkey Shooting a Barrel

Char-monkey Super Monkey firing a Gun-pistol green Pistol at an Explosive Barrel.

Explosive Barrels are bright red in color, with a white horizontal stripe and a "flammable" marking on them.

Explosive Barrels are destructible and upon receiving damage (apart from being hit with Gun dart grey-resources.assets-5316 Dogna's Dart Gun or Dogna's Grey Dart Fly Dogna's Dartfly Gun), they explode damaging any nearby destructibles, Super Animals, Emu idle 000 Giant Emus, Icon Hamster Ball Hamster Balls and Banana splat Banana Peels.

Like Grenade-new Grenades, Explosive Barrels explosions may reduce animal's Health Points even if they are wearing Icon Armor  Armor, if the animal is standing too close to the explosion.

ModeIcon Bwoking Dead Explosive Barrels do not damage teammates in this mode.

Barrel-waste Waste barrels[ | ]

Waste Barrels

Char-wolf Super Wolf looking at Waste Barrels.

Waste Barrels are green in color and can have different warning markings on them.

Standing Waste Barrels serve as obstacles to vision, movement and Icon Guns Gun projectiles. There is no way to destroy these barrels, making them suitable to be used as cover from enemy fire.

Horizontally placed Waste Barrels might block Icon Throwables Throwables and Gun egglauncher grey Big Clucking Gun egg projectiles if they haven't been able to gain enough altitude, however most Gun projectiles fly over these without issue.

Sounds[ | ]

Sound of an explosive barrel exploding after being hit.