Super Animal Royale Wiki
Slip Radius 4 SAU
Slip Duration 2s
Spawn ratio 9.76%
Maximum Carried 10 (12 with Bandolier)
Noisiness 110 SAU
Move Speed 112%
Move Speed (throwing) 73%

Char-dog-hound.png Super Dog slipping on a Banana peel.

The Banana is a throwable item that can be found by cutting tall grass, or as floor loot in most areas.


When thrown on the ground, the banana peel will stay in place, causing an Animal that steps on it to fall over and become immobilized for 2 seconds, temporarily losing the ability to move or fire. This leaves them vulnerable to attack from nearby enemies who might see or hear them slip. A thrown banana peel will disappear after an animal has slipped on it, but can also be destroyed by an explosion or squished by a hamster ball that is driven over it.

Bananas are found in bunches of two when collected as floor loot, making them easier to stockpile than grenades or Skunk Bombs. When found via cutting grass, only one banana will spawn.

The player can hold at most 10 bananas, or 12 with the Bandolier, and cannot carry them and another type of throwable at once. Similarly to grenades, bananas can be thrown over some line-of-sight obstacles.

Players equipped with the Banana Forker power-up can consume Bananas on the ground to restore 25 Health Points. Downed players using the power-up can also consume them, thus potentially prolonging their "down-but-not-out" status. If a banana in the environment is hit by skunk gas, however, it will turn black with rot and become inedible. Bananas also develop a green "smell" and a crowd of flies over the course of about five seconds; stinky bananas are still edible, but this effect can be useful as a "fresh" banana indicates it was recently placed by someone who may be nearby.

Super Milestone Rewards[]

Main article: Super Milestones

Two outfits can be unlocked by reaching milestones of enemies slipped on banana peels.

Clothes tshirt banana.png

Banana Tee

Clothes shirt banana.png

Banana Fancy Shirt
50 Banana Slips

Banan Pew Pew emote.png

Banan Pew Pew
100 Banana Slips

Patch History[]


  • Grenades, Skunk Bombs, Bananas, and Super Tape now visually show 2-packs when dropped. (Used to show 1 when 2, and 3 when 3 or more)


  • Reduced range of grenades & explosions destroying bananas by about 25%. Praise banan.


  • You can now carry up to 10 Bananas (from 5). Praise Banan
  • Slipping on a banana can be heard from about 15% further away


  • Now has 3-Pack visual when carrying 3 or more


  • Fix for bots not being affected by bananas


  • Now auto-pickup if you already have one, or have none
    • To switch between bananas and grenades you’ll still need to hit E.
  • Fix for bananas disappearing when thrown against trees


  • Banana slips rewards now only count on enemies
  • Fix for grenades/bananas getting stuck when thrown against objects


  • Grenades and barrel explosions now destroy bananas


Char-fox-red.png Super Maroon Fox throwing a Banana.