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Cave small banan statue

A statue of Banan

Praising banan by eternal collection smoma

A painting of Banan permamently displayed in the Super Museum Of Modern Art

"Banan" is a popular community meme and a part of the game's lore. Initially started by community member Raven, it has gained popularity on the official Super Animal Royale Discord. According to Michael, the Pixile team were planning on writing a cult into the backstory of the game, and when Raven started the "banan" meme, they found that it fit what they wanted of the cult, and wrote it into the game.[1]

The Banan character is a deity or higher power of sorts, and is the centre of attention for a cult of Super Animals. Several references to the worship and powers of Banan can be found within the game and throughout Super Animal World. Many Super Animals, such as CharacterIcon DonkPatrick Donk Patrick and CharacterIcon HowlMichaels Howl Michaels will "praise banan" when Bananas are mentioned.

In-game[ | ]

Within a mountain in the north-eastern part of Super Animal World, there is a cave which houses the Banana Altar. This altar was possibly used for the worship of Banan and contains a statue in the likeness of a banana. This Altar also holds a secret:

An offering to Banan can be made in the Banana Altar by throwing a banana on the offering plate, granting the player the Praise Banan emote and covering the Banana Altar with bananas. The Banan Cave can be found at the G2 coordinates on the map. The entrance to the cave is on the left side of the hill behind some brambles.

Activated Banana Altar

Banana Altar Cave filled with Bananas after an offering has been made.

On the cave walls of Superite Mountain are several sketches and cave paintings hinting to the worship of Banan, alongside a statue which reveals that Banan takes shape as a Super Animal resembling a Char raven-resources.assets-936 Super Raven. The proximity of these sketches to a jail within the cave have led to a theory that the Super Animals credit Banan with their awakening in "The Incident".

A painting, which is a parody of the real-world painting The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo, where Banan presumably grants life to a Char raven-resources.assets-936 Super Raven, is permanently displayed in the center of the Super Museum Of Modern Art. This painting hints to Banan's place as a deity to the Super Animals.

During Super CRISPRmas, the CRISPRmas tree in the S.A.W. Welcome Center is topped with a Banana instead of a star.

When a player is killed with the /kill command in a Private Match, the kill message will be "Banan Gods killed you"

Another hint to the powers of Banan is the rare Banan Rain weather event, where bananas may rain from the sky all across Super Animal World. Contrary to popular belief, this does not definitively happen after praising Banan at the Banan Shrine; it simply replaces a regular heavy rain event.

The Kanji written on Cat Mine Lucky Cat Mines, , is Japanese for "banana".

April Fools' Day events often reference the Banan meme and reward Banana-related cosmetics.

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  1. Michael on the SAR Discord: "and yeah raven was the one who started praising banan which turned into the cult of the super animals lol, we actually had been working on coming up with a cult for the super animals in the backstory and when raven started praising banans that pretty much sealed the deal, had our cult"