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Armor is an equippable pickup item that can prevent ranged weapon and melee weapon attacks from damaging the Animal at the cost of damaging the armor. An armor item can provide protection of 1 to 3 bars of armor, which can be seen above the health bar, represented by up to three blue bars. It is possible to repair the armor with Duct-Tape.png Super Tape at any level of damage, where 1 tape will return one blue bar "tick" a piece.

Receiving Damage[]

  • A single Katana.png Melee Weapon attack will strip away 1 bar of Armor, and do 50% (16.5 points) health damage (unless no bars remain, wherein the full 33 damage will be applied).
  • A Emu idle 000.png Giant Emu peck will strip away 1 bar of Armor, and do 28% (10 points) or Emu battle.png33% (15 points) health damage (unless no bars remain, wherein the full 35 or Emu battle.png45 damage will be applied).
  • Ammo little bullets.png Little Bullets, Ammo big bullets.png Big Bullets and Ammo shells.png Shells will strip away 1 bar of Armor with each bullet/pellet that hits the animal.
  • Ammo big bullets.png Big Bullets fired from the Gun deagle grey.png Deagle or Gun-magnum grey.png Magnum will strip 2 bars of Armor at once.
  • Ammo sniper.png Sniper Bullets will strip all 3 bars of Armor, meaning a Gun-sniper grey.png Sniper of any rarity can destroy all of animal's armor in a single hit.
  • Sparrows from Gun bow default.png Bow & Sparrow and Gun crossbow default.png Sparrow Launcher penetrate Armor, taking one tick of armor off and dealing health damage of 40%.

Armor does not protect from damage caused by the Super Skunk Gas, Skunk bombUI.png Skunk Bombs, Gun dart grey-resources.assets-5316.png Dogna's Dart Gun, Icon Hamster Ball.png Hamster Balls, or explosions from Grenade-new.png Grenades and Barrel-explosive.png Explosive Barrels.

ModeIcon Bwoking Dead.png Armor does not protect the Super Animal from getting infected.

Armor Tier and Status[]

Super Animal Royale includes three levels of armor, which will degrade to their damaged versions upon losing armor bars:

Name Image
Level 1
Bodyarmor level 1.png
Broken bodyarmor level 1.png
Level 2
Bodyarmor level 2.png
Heavily damaged bodyarmor level 2.png
Broken bodyarmor level 2.png
Level 3
Bodyarmor level 3.png
Slightly damaged bodyarmor level 3.png
Heavily damaged bodyarmor level 3.png
Broken bodyarmor level 3.png

Bodyarmor level 1.png  T1 Armor good for start of the match but breaks in one hit

Bodyarmor level 2.png  T2 Armor best to get before a gunfight breaks out

Bodyarmor level 3.png  T3 Armor best armor in game best to get before last 3 circles in match yet can make a good trap for an enemy in squads to ambush 1 person.

Super Milestones[]

Main article: Super Milestones

Three cosmetics can be unlocked by reaching milestones. They serve no purpose other than having cosmetic value.

Hat helmet military-resources.assets-3622.png

Military Helmet
100 Enemy Armor Broken

Hat helmet camo-resources.assets-3326.png

Camo Helmet
250 Enemy Armor Broken

Clothes rags-resources.assets-4707.png

500 Enemy Armor Broken


  • An animal that runs out of health while still having armor equipped will drop their undamaged armor pickup next to their gravestone.
  • Armor will absorb gun bullets near their maximum range without taking any damage. This mostly affects the Gun-shotgun grey.png Shotgun when shot from afar.
  • Armor will be fully depleted if the damage done by a nearby explosion is over 20, meaning at certain ranges armor is preserved while damage is still applied.