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On June 1, 2021, Super Animal Royale released onto Xbox Live Game Preview following its v0.97.0 update along with a list of achievements (for Xbox Live) after accomplishing the set objectives. On Xbox Live, there are a total of 13 Achievements with a total of 1000 Gamerscore available to receive.

List of Achievements[edit | edit source]

The following 13 achievements are available for acquisition in Super Animal Royale as of June 1, 2021:

Icon Name Description Gamerscore
AchievementSAR First-Kill.jpg First Kill Get 1 kill Gamerscore.gif20
AchievementSAR Roll-Out.png Roll Out 50 Hamster Ball Kills Gamerscore.gif40
AchievementSAR Big-Boom.png Big Boom 10 Grenade Kill Gamerscore.gif40
AchievementSAR You-Bring-the-S'mores.png You Bring the S'mores 10 Campfires used Gamerscore.gif40
AchievementSAR A+-Repair-Job.png A+ Repair Job 50 Super Tape used Gamerscore.gif50
AchievementSAR Praise-Banan.png Praise Banan Find the Banan cave and place a banana on the offering plate Gamerscore.gif80
AchievementSAR Get-Juiced.png Get Juiced [Drink] 2500 Health Juice Gamerscore.gif80
AchievementSAR Claws-and-Effect.png Claws and Effect 20 melee kills Gamerscore.gif80
AchievementSAR Holy-Moley.png Holy Moley 10 Mole Crates opened Gamerscore.gif80
AchievementSAR Super-Tape-Can't-Fix-That.png Super Tape Can't Fix That 400 Armor broken Gamerscore.gif80
AchievementSAR Super-Birds-of-a-Feather.jpg Super Birds of a Feather Duo or Squad victory Gamerscore.gif125
AchievementSAR Every-Super-Dog-Has-its-Day.png Every Super Dog Has its Day Solo victory Gamerscore.gif125
AchievementSAR Workhorse.png Workhorse Play 100 games Gamerscore.gif160